Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday Postcards From Jamaica!

"It's all good here!" as the locals like to say.  We are still thoroughly enjoying ourselves down here in Jamaica, and we are thinking of NOT coming home.

So today I will just show you little snippets of some of this and some of that.  First, if you have read yesterday's blog, you will recall the photos of the "parade" of characters vendors going up and down the beach.  Well, this guy missed my parade of photos, so here he is:

"The conch man" - sells shells
Much relaxing was done yesterday and this morning, some on the beach and some in our own little pool out back of our room.  Bob has it just about right:

No problem with the rules here:

Isn't this a bit graphic?
And speaking of the pool, each night the lighting is programmed to go through several colors.  Tres romantic!

We saw another small bit of wildlife on the beach - a friendly little hermit crab was making his way along and looking for some morsels of food:

Again last night, Jerry The Butler helped us make some good memories.  He escorted us to a new venue for dinner, The Sundowner.  This restaurant is a bit fancier than some of the others, so we dressed up and acted all grown-up for a while.  He had our table all decorated and ready for our arrival, and we had quite a delicious meal, all while watching the boats and people come and go along the beach.  I even ate some beef tenderloin!
The LOVE letters are made from fuzzy plants.
This morning the husband/lover/best friend and I went on another snorkeling excursion, because now I am only mildly terrified a pro at breathing underwater.  We saw some different varieties of fish this time.  The little yellow and black striped ones were curious and would come within inches of my hands.  Or maybe they were fascinated with my $10 Wal-mart underwater cameras.  Yeah.  We should've invested in a real underwater digital camera.  Hindsight.  It's just so beautiful down there.

To my four kids:  We are so looking forward to your gift of the Sunset Candlelight Dinner tonight.  Our two butlers have been making the plans, confirming the sight, getting our menu selections, and arranging to escort us to the location, which is still a surprise to us.  We have seen other ones set up though, on other nights, and they look very beautiful and romantic.  We will have our own designated waiter too.  Watch the blog tomorrow, as I will be sure to document the event then.

I will leave you all with one last photo of some of the beautiful flowers on the resort:

Well we have things to do and places to be.  More tomorrow!

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