Monday, May 21, 2012


First, let me make a few things perfectly clear:

NO, we did not catch bedbugs in Jamaica last week.
NO, we do not have bedbugs in our home.
YES, I am aware that there are a lot of bedbugs out there, especially in various parts of the U.S.
YES, I am positively terrified concerned that we could pick them up somewhere on our travels.

Here is what I am talking about, and what I need you to talk to me about:
The BEDBUG in all its horror
I am trying to stay rational and sensible, and tell myself that I cannot stop traveling just because there are bedbugs out there.  But, when I read about how difficult it is to rid your home and belongings of them once you encounter them, I succumb to a mini worry-fest.  Help me here, folks.

A student of mine when I was teaching at the Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport, Pennsylvania visited me in my office one day following a weekend trip she had made.  She related her horror upon waking up during the night, covered with bedbugs and being bitten.  In the morning her body was covered with bites.  Here is a photo from a medical website of what the bites look like:

Since that encounter, I did a little research and I have learned that there are several reputable websites that list reports of hotels, motels, and apartment buildings where travelers and tenants have experienced bedbugs.  The sites often include the conversations the visitors have had with the management of the establishments.  

So now, whenever I am planning a trip, I check the following two sites for information before I book my hotel rooms.  (Of course, when I am traveling in my RV, I do not have to worry about this nasty little issue!)

Recently, I was planning a trip.  The husband/lover/best friend and I were hoping to take my parents on a road trip from Pennsylvania to Rhode Island.  The highlight of the trip was to be the touring of the rich and famous mansions in Newport, Rhode Island, as my parents had never seen them.  For this trip we required five nights in hotels - one night on the way, three nights in Newport, and one night on the return trip home.  

I searched and searched for "clean hotels" using the two websites listed above, and was unable to find three reputable hotels ( I use Hamptons, Marriotts, Country Inn and Suites, etc.) that were not listed on the reports, without going far off our planned route.  Finally in frustration we decided to postpone the Rhode Island trip for now.  

So I created an alternative plan, the "This Is Not Rhode Island" adventure.  With this plan, we will be doing day trips (see my Next Adventure listed way at the bottom of this blog), theater events, and dining at new places.  None of the events in the "This is Not Rhode Island" collection require hotel stays, but we will all still have the enjoyment of spending time together and experiencing new things.
The folder of events
What are your thoughts on this unpleasant issue?
Any experiences you want to share?
Please give me some rational perspective, friends!

Readers, until my next post, I am ITCHING for your responses.  (Sorry.)


  1. Personally we have never experienced bedbugs, but everything else from No-See-Ums to Stinkbugs. Unfortunately they are a part of life. If you continue letting the little things in life (Pun Intended) bother you, your travelling days are over. Next thing you'll be getting rid of your home and moving into a glass bubble missing out on all the beauty that is meant to be viewed.

    When viewing your sites you might want to look at when those people posted those statements (Dates)and how far before the posting the experience actually took place (More Dates). Since that time many and Especially the more prominent Hotels have irradicated all forms of Bedbugs.

    Wish they had something for the Flu-Bug which I've had for the last few days now and that really makes you feel Yukky. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Thanks for your suggestions. I hope you are feeling better soon!

  3. Hmm...seen plenty of bed bug issues come thru the er. What i would say is...would you not go to the grocery store in fear of catching lice? And i assure you that lice is rampant in our area...trust me, why do u think i wear my long hair up to work?? Bed bugs happen, lice happens, just like evrything else. I think researching your hotels is a good idea but i wouldnt be postponing my plans in fear of them. Just my opinion but i do have a watered down veiw on catching bugs/illnesses/ect. Since im exposed to them all the time. Rachel

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  6. I started get bites a week ago, today I found a bed bug in between my bed and Bed frame on my side of the bed. It's it possible to have just one? I sprayed running alcohol on bedbugs in your home or hotels everything, vacuumed. Before this I took clear tape looking for eggs and found none. I had a small spot of droppings. So Keep up the wonderful work and if you want more info about how to deal with bedbugs in your home or hotels.