Thursday, May 24, 2012

Two Items On Your Bucket List

Recently I was thinking about a very fine and entertaining movie I saw several years ago that made quite an impression on me.  If you haven't seen "The Bucket List," a 2007 flick starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, plan a hot date for this weekend with someone special and watch this comedy-drama together.  I promise you won't be disappointed.

In the story, the two men have nothing in common except for terminal illnesses.  While sharing a hospital room they decide to do together all the things they've always wanted to do, checking each item off their "Bucket Lists."  They become close buddies, and ultimately they find joy in life.

I'm gonna have to watch it again, SOON.  Maybe even BUY it.  It's that good.

Now I think most of us do have our own Bucket Lists.  However, few of us probably actually write it down.  I have many things on the growing list in my mind, but have yet to write an actual Bucket List.  So I guess, writing out a Bucket List is actually one of the items on my Bucket List.

Anyway, let's have fun with this:  in this post I will share two things with you that are on my Bucket List, one small and easy to do and check off, and the other one a big deal to pull off.  Perhaps you too can write a comment and share one small and one large item from your Bucket List for the enjoyment of other blog readers.

Here's a small/easy item on my Bucket List:
  Learn to make Rhubarb Sauce like my grandmother did when I was young and she was still alive.
A tangy dessert sauce that you can eat plan or drizzle over pound cake
Recently I found a simple recipe for it and I will be checking this off my Bucket List soon.

Rhubarb Sauce

8 stalks of rhubarb - ends cut off, stalks rinsed, cut into 1 inch pieces
1/4 cup water
1 1/2 - 2 cups of sugar, to taste

Put the rhubarb pieces in a pot and add the water.
Cover and cook until soft, about 10 minutes.
Reduce heat to medium and add sugar 1/2 cup at a time, stirring each time until mixed.
Keep tasting and adding the sugar until the desired tartness is reached.
Remove from heat.
Pour into a glass bowl, cover with Saran Wrap and chill at least one hour before serving.

Here is the second item on my Bucket List, a bit harder to cross off, but I will do it someday:
   Travel from start to finish the old Route 66.  What do they say?  "Get your kicks on Route 66!"  I will someday.
I need my husband to retire (several years away yet) for us to be able to have the time to not just drive it, but to see the sights along the way.  I have already begun my planning though - I am reading some Route 66 travel guides I  purchased and I'm and making the plan.

These are the guides that the Route 66 Committee recommends
Ok friends and family, share with us.  What are two items on your Bucket List?  Share one small and one large.  Maybe we'll all get some good ideas.  

I'm going now.  To the grocery store.  Gotta find some rhubarb.
Please remember to put WATCH "THE BUCKET LIST" on your Bucket List!


  1. Easy item....get a professional massage and some sort of body peircing (not sure why i feel the need to do this part but i want to). Hard one...get my prehospital RN license and become a flight nurse. Rachel

  2. 1) Go on a date with XXXXXX. (not so easy to get a date, though)

    2) Pilot a $50mil Longbow Apache by 2015 for the United States Army.

  3. Easy - Grow a successful vegetable/fruit garden - just like Happy always did/does.

    Hard - Get my principal's certificate and eventually a PhD in Ed. Leadership.