Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Postcards From Jamaica - Surprises!

THE FUN CONTINUES!  It seems like with every hour that goes by, a new surprise awaits to be discovered here in the tropics.  Today I'll show you just a few of the many surprises we discover each day.  Sometimes just taking a stroll on the resort property provides a plethora of flora and fauna curiosities:

"Rastafarian" tree hair
Our two butlers are always coming up with surprises.  It's almost as if they read our minds:  I'm thinking I could eat a pizza and here comes the butler bringing - you guessed it - a pizza or two and some fancy drink to try.
Jerry The Butler brought two pizzas and some"Jerry-aid" beverages.
And here's the character Kenrich The Butler bringing our beverages in style:

Why just carry the drinks on a tray when you can balance them on your head and your fist?
And here's another major freaking shocker nice surprise - Bob has been trying numerous types of fish this week and is actually enjoying all of them!  Here he is having a tuna steak.  We are dining at the restaurant "Barefoot By The Sea" and our feet are really in the sand.  We are maybe 10 yards from the edge of the water.

Dessert is always a nice surprise, for not only are you getting a tasty treat, you are getting a work of art too.
Kahlua Chocolate cake
Every evening Sandals features some Carribean entertainment, either somewhere on the beach or on the  main entertainment stage.  Last night was a "Moulin Rouge"-type variety show on the main stage.  I was most fascinated with the old man doing a balancing act on his bicycle.
At one point he completely undressed down to shorts, then completely re-dressed, all while balancing a still bike.
Again last night upon returning to our room, we discovered some more towel art on the bed:
Kenrick The Butler's surprise to us
If you read an earlier blog entry of mine, you may recall that I said it takes a REAL MAN to carry his woman's purse.  Well today I would like to extend that statement to this:  It takes a REAL REAL MAN to take a bubble bath.
There's the husband/lover/best friend - a REAL REAL MAN
This morning Bob and I went out on our third snorkel trip and had a great adventure.  It was the best one of the week, as we saw loads of fish in different varieties than before, and the highlight of the trip was a good sighting of a moray eel.  Creepy, but beautiful in a weird way.

Tomorrow, we travel home.  I may be able to make a post late in the evening if all the connections go well.  I'm sure we'll have a few remaining SURPRISES to share with you again.  

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  1. I'm really glad you guys took this trip. Remember how you debated whether or not to do it? Silly!