Friday, May 25, 2012


I spent the day yesterday down and out.  When I got out of bed and stood up, I heard and felt a snap of something in the back of my right leg.  The pain of whatever happened back there dropped me.  To make a long story short, the x-ray showed that nothing is broken, but I was ordered to LAY DOWN with my leg up FOR ONE WEEK.

Laying low for me is not easy.  I want to be doing things, accomplishing stuff.  Anyway, I tried to be a good patient, and I did spend the majority of the day in the recliner, reading and trying to heal.  But I got bored.  And I started looking around.  And I saw things that needed to be taken care of.  Piles.  Piles of stuff.  Lots of piles.  How did all these piles get here?  It's like I turned my back for an hour (well really, a week in Jamaica) and there they are!  Like the enemy snuck in and set up camp while I was sleeping!

When I get to the end of my one week of recuperating, you bet I will be waging war and eliminating these household abominations.  Here is the inventory of some of the piles.

Pile of dog toys
My son Caleb has trained Sheila the weimaraner puppy to do every amazing trick in the world, except for "clean it up."
Part of the pile of mail
We were on vacation a mere ONE WEEK and the pile of mail on the table contained 27 items:  3 bills, 3 magazines, 2 advertising flyers, 7 credit card offers, and 12 miscellaneous junk mails.  Out of control.  (A while back I read of an elderly woman who completely heated her small home using junk mail she received.  I can almost believe that.)
Pile of shoes by the back door
How many "grass mowing" shoes do we really need?
Pile of chargers
What are all these chargers for?  It's like a fungus that's taking control of our one drawer.

Pile of books waiting to be read
This is the one kind of pile that I feel is good to have.  And this pile can never be too big.  For me, it is a simple pleasure to look at a pile of books that are waiting to be read, and know I have those hours of enjoyment ahead of me.  I get uneasy when this pile is getting too low, in fact.
Piles of dirty laundry
Everybody has these piles.  I just don't like how they smell.  Three of us, wearing work clothing, gym clothing, and home clothing, generate piles and piles of wash.
Piles of houseplant leaves
Back to Sheila, the puppy.  She likes to snack on my houseplants.  We always find the evidence of her stealthy snacking.
"Piles" of family photos
This arrangement of five family photos in frames looks pleasant enough.  It's just that there are a gazillion other family photos stored in piles elsewhere.  And I canNOT get rid of family photos!

Piles of Tupperware
And here you see the last pile I will show for today - plastic containers.  This pile is out of control.  Like a Communist plot to take over the household.  I think they reproduce in there every time I close the door.  Metal hangers in the closets do this too - they multiply when you aren't looking, and next thing you know 2 metal hangers have become 100.  But I'll deal with the topic of REPRODUCTION in another post some day.

Well, I'm going back to my recliner.  Gotta put the leg up.  Time to get busy healing.  Maybe I'll finish a good book.  Perhaps I'll watch a good movie.  ("The Bucket List?"  Read my blog from yesterday.)  Maybe I'll make a grocery list.  Whatever I do,  I'm sure I'll notice more PILES somewhere! 


  1. You forgot one more important "piles" in relation to Sheila. Hint...back yard....in the grass...