Wednesday, May 23, 2012

So, So Sore...

....is how I feel from yesterday's workout, the first one after being gone on vacation and away from the gym for 11 days.
This is how I feel.  I had grande plans of allotting just one measly half hour each day at the resort's fully-equipped gym.  But well, here is the gym bag, and it didn't move.

It is a nice bag though, don't you think?
So I did no workouts, unless you count the movement required to:

 - walk to a restaurant 3 times a day (unless the butler set up our meal in our room)

 - turn magazine pages

 - lift and lower plenty of food and drinks from the table to the mouth

 - snorkel (I figure this activity torched, oh, maybe 12 calories:  3 excursions x 4 calories each = 12 calories burned)

 - heal from the sunburns acquired while snorkeling (maybe burned another 12 calories)

 - repack my suitcase before leaving (the butler unpacked it when we arrived)

I know.  I.  AM.  PATHETIC.    And hurting.
NOT a good week for exercise.

They were packed and ready to use
Amidst all my current pain and suffering, here's what I'm worried about.  Today I'm meeting Joan, my good gym friend, for lunch.  Will she notice the extra 10 pound "tire" I am wearing?  Will she be just as fit and trim and healthy as the last time I saw her?  (She was on vacation the same time as I was.) And will she wonder why I appear to be dying as I get in and out of my chair?  Will she wonder why I am bracing myself as I lower myself back into my car?  Will she wonder why I am taking pain medications as I am leaving?  I can find just about anything to worry about, you see.

Well anyway, I need to be positive about all this, and I choose to be.  I WILL get my fitness back.  I WILL get over the hump.  I WILL eat healthily (is that a word?)  I WILL lose this extra weight.  

And I WILL enjoy the process.


P.S.  My son wants me to join him for a "Tough Mudder" event in mid-September.  Could I be ready for that by then?   Hmmmmm..........


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