Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Making a Way

Today I came upon this verse and it stopped me dead in my tracks:   “…they made an opening in the roof above Jesus by digging through it…” Mark 2:4b (NIV)  

I've heard this story many times throughout the years.  55+ years ago in Sunday School classes I remember we created little box houses.  Pipe cleaners attached to small pieces of cloth enabled us to drop a small figurine of a man down through the roof hole to get inside with Jesus. Somehow, though, I always missed the real point of the story.  I was mostly interested in the two Oreo cookies and paper cup of milk I'd receive at snack time later.  

Jesus is preaching in a local Capernaum home, and the house is packed with people listening to the Good News.  They are standing wall to wall, with many overflowing outside into the yard.  The people have heard of this man and the miracles he has been performing, and they just want to get near to him and hear whatever he has to say.

As Jesus speaks, some of those in the room notice a twinkle forming in His eye. He senses there are some men approaching the home.

Next, a grin begins to pull at the corners of His mouth.  He is aware of those men struggling to carry their burden up the outer stairs of the home, yet he continues talking to the crowds.  

As the first few trickles of dust and roofing particles begin raining down onto His head, Jesus’ face finally lights up with a full smile.  He breaks out into joyous, contagious laughter as he looks up and admires the simple excavation process happening up there.  The faith of these men breaking through the roof above Him to bring their paralyzed friend to Him fills Him with delight.

They are doing whatever it takes to make a way to be with Him.  They are unconcerned about the expense or the ramifications of their actions.  They will make it right later.  Determined to get their friend to Jesus, they are doing whatever it takes.  They have made their plan, and they are carrying it out, come what may.

To what extremes will we go to spend time with Jesus, to deepen our relationship with Him?  What expense will we pay?  How willing are we to rearrange our daily schedules?  What are we willing to eliminate to make a way?  

PRAYER:  Lord, increase our desire to deepen our relationships with you.  Help us find new and creative ways to be with you.  Thank you Jesus.  Amen.