Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday's Peeves

So I woke up this morning feeling sore and irritable.  Sore throughout my whole body, which I can blame on a hard Kickboxing workout last evening, but irritable?  Not usually like me.  I am typically a pretty upbeat and mostly happy person.  So what's with the crankiness?

In thinking about the State of Self, I was reminded of a monthly column that I see in a magazine I read.  I won't tell you the name of the magazine, but it ends with politan and begins with Cosmo.  If you can decipher that, then yes, I admit, I read that ridiculous publication wealth of literary genius.

Anyway, the monthly article is called "B**ch It Out" and shows photos of things that irritate people, theoretically to "heal" those readers by getting their irritants off their chests.  Could this work for me too?  Let's try it.

Here are the vexations, grievances, irritants, annoyances, and peeves that have been collecting in me over the past week or so:

1.  Advertisements all over the grocery store parking lot  (Let us remember that I am already there because I plan to spend a lot of money.):


2.  Inconsiderate / bad parkers (and there were no vehicles parked anywhere near this one to boot):

3.  People who put their trash out on trash day but then never put their cans away (attracting skunks that are hanging around when I come home late at night after Judo practice):

4.  Squirrels that eat my flowers once they are fully bloomed:

Can you see the eaten off stems?

5.  Utility men that paint marks on my sidewalks that never wash off for 17 years:

6.  A random screw that shows up after closing my freezer door (where did that come from / will the whole thing fall apart now?):

7.  Leftovers that nobody will eat (I hate throwing food away.  You know, "the starving children in Armenia...."):

Ore Ida Steak Fries have no flavor whatsoever

8.  A finally found rotten potato (For days we have been asking each other "is there something dead in here somewhere?"):

9.  Recipes that contain more than 15 ingredients.  They require:
      - Too much shopping
      - Too much expense
      - Too much work to prepare
      - Too much time
  And nobody in my house likes them then anyway.

10a.  Somebody ate all the dark chocolate:

I don't think it was me

10b.  (A related grievance)  Cellophane Easter grass.  Enough said.

11.  A cracked piece on our camper, and of course Sunline is out of business for several years now:

Where to find a replacement for this?

12a.  A public toilet with a loose seat that nearly launches you off when you sit (who wants to land on THAT floor?):

12b.  (A related grievance)  When you are in a public restroom and you've just been lamblasted by a sh** tsunami and the toilet paper keeps tearing off in little shnipplets of pieces:

                                                                     You can
                                                                     your own
                                                                    here.  We've
                                                                       all been

OK!  I feel so much better now.  Thank you for allowing me to get these little annoyances off my chest.  
I feel much lighter, happier, and ready to enjoy my weekend!

I promise tomorrow's post will be much LESS PEEVISH.  Maybe I will have to talk about Jamaica again.  Only 7 "sleeps" till Jamaica......                                              


  1. This makes me laugh so hard...especially the toilet part. You need to "hover" mom lol. Rachel