Saturday, May 26, 2012

This Is NOT Longwood Gardens

If you've been following this blog for a while you may have learned that I show my Next Adventure at the very, very bottom of this page.  Prior to today, it was telling us all that today I would be visiting Longwood Gardens, in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.  This weekend is their famous "Lilytopia" event, a breathtaking garden display containing over 10,000 lilies.

However,  due to a recent old coot getting out of her bed and hurting herself leg injury (you can read about it in yesterday's blog), I won't be able to make that trip.  So I thought I'd create my own garden tour for your and my amusement instead.

This will be a "Flashback From Jamaica," as all of the photos were taken right on the resort where we stayed during our recent vacation in Jamaica.  If you don't like looking at lots of flowers and plants, STOP READING NOW, and I'll see you back again tomorrow.  (Last night our friends Bob and Carole were visiting, and they patiently and kindly looked at all of our 7243 Jamaica photos.  I think they are still our friends?!)

But if you do like plants and flowers, here we go:

Well, that concludes our Tour de la Jardin Jamaica, and I hope you've enjoyed it.  But WAIT, there's ONE MORE:
GOTCHA!  That's a Jamaican Imposter - it's right out in my own back yard!
Enjoy your holiday weekend!  More adventures ahead..... (See below).

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  1. In your "Next Adventures" my personal favorite is your Road Trip through Ohio. I think the sites you will see are sure to be BREATHTAKING! Especially the sites (errr site) you will see in Portage, Oh. I hear she's a beaut.