Sunday, May 6, 2012

Three Hot Dates - His,Hers and Ours

So last night was Saturday night, traditionally DATE NIGHT for many people.  It got me thinking about various dates over the years my husband/lover/best friend and I have had.  Here's what it all comes down to:  men and women are just wired differently.

If you were to ask any man for his idea of a good, HOT DATE, I believe it is likely to strongly resemble my husband/lover/best friend's idea of a HOT DATE.

Here is HIS hot date:

It goes like this:

Drive to Lowe's (do not dress up)------->eat a sausage sandwich from the food wagon out front----->see lots of big and heavy manly stuff--------->get some sort of unrealistic and very expensive and time-consuming foolish idea inspiration--------->spend lots of money-------->start a new project--------->be irritable and spend 3 times the amount of time you thought it would take working on it------->spend more money cause you need more stuff than you thought--------->now the wife is irritable too

Here's a sample photo taken of:

1.  A post-Lowe's "hot date"
2.  A purchased heavy manly tool
3.  There is still some inspiration happening here
4.  Nobody is irritable yet

I love the "Defending the Caveman" shirt

Project underway - everyone is still happy at this point

Now.  Let's compare HIS HOT DATE with HER HOT DATE:

Dress up in your fanciest stuff------>feel hot and sexy and full of anticipation------->eat dinner at a nice restaurant, perhaps Ichiban--------->see a show at a nice theatrical venue, perhaps at The Community Arts Center in Williamsport, Pennsylvania--------->experience lots of laughs and togetherness--------->after the show prolong the awesome date by stopping somewhere for coffee and more conversation------>get home and-------->(you know)

Beautiful.  Lovely.  Hot.
However, sometimes you just have to make a compromise and then everyone will enjoy themselves, and so that leads me to share with you OUR HOT DATE which we experienced yesterday after several hours of running errands.

We went to the local Barnes and Noble in our home town.  We both have Kindle e-readers so sometimes we don't even buy books, but we do browse and write down titles that we will later order on our Kindles.  The HOT part of this date is over on the right side of the store - the food and drink cafe.  Yesterday the husband/lover/best friend and I shared an amazing beverage, a coconut caramel mocha frappuccino and various samples of pastries they were offering.  Oh yeah, we did actually buy some books.  Went home, sat on the porch with a good book and a glass of wine, and relaxed.  A very HOT DATE that we both enjoyed.

Some good books, a coconut caramel mocha frappuccino, and pastries samples

So there you have it: HIS, HERS, and OUR hot dates!  What is YOURS?


  1. Ii would fill you in on our hot dates....but it would be tmi for a mother/daughter conversation. But we do have a common theme with heels, but you already knew that. We should share heels sometime now that i think of it :) rachel

  2. I love that picture of daaad :)

  3. Hot date?

    Who? Just me. And my AR-15, Glocks, .22, .308, 30-30, and .22mag.
    What? Shooting the bajeezums out of whatever is downrange.
    Where? Where there aren't officials telling me "Only 3 shot at a time"
    When? When I have a surplus of ammo to get rid of.
    Why? Because who doesn't love destroying things with dangerous toys?