Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday Postcards From Jamaica!

Hello again from sunny Jamaica, friends and family!

Hibiscus in all colors are seen here

Last night was party night!  The SANDALS BEACH BASH was held, where else, but on the beach.  Tables, tiki torches, music, beverages, and food, food, food!  The perimeter of the party area was outlined with tables holding just about any kind of food you could imagine, from shishkabobs to seafood to oysters to papayas.  This kayak was one of the food buffets near our table:

We had a very pleasant time dining with the folks at our table during dinner.  Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Texas, and Ohio were represented around our table, some honeymooners, and others old coots like us.  After dinner the resort "playmakers" had a program of entertainment for us there right on the beach, including a descendant of Gumby an amazing limbo guy who even limbo-ed under a burning limbo bar, a guy who could balance anything on his nose, from a straw to a beach lounge chair, and a fire swallowing/blowing guy.  

The little limber limbo guy - say that 3 times!
The "playmakers" also had organized a small auction of resort items with all proceeds to benefit the educational system here in Jamaica, which is quite lacking in comparison to that in the states.  A side note about the school grading system here:  whereas in the United States we typically use A, B, C, D, and F, in Jamaica the students receive grades of 1, 2, or 3.  Achieving a 1 is comparable to an A, and a 4 means you failed and you need to fear your parents.

This morning we woke up and VOILA!  There on our own pool patio, Jerry the butler had created some magic and memories for us - our very own private breakfast.  

Following our breakfast, he had also arranged for us to have some treatments at the Red Lane Spa, so off we went.  Our treatments, although different, were together in a couple's room.  Bob had a 100 minute full body massage, and I had a coffee wrap body treatment.  Heavenly.  All is right with the world.  We were both so mellow we virtually slid over to the Barefoot On The Beach restaurant for lunch.  No.  Worries.  Here.  At.  All.  (We might have to go back to this spa again before re-entering the real world.)

Well before I sign off, I thought I'd help you to vicariously enjoy the Jamaican beach like we are, by showing you a bit of the constant PARADE OF CHARACTERS that goes up and down the beach, all day, every day.  Each one is peddling something, trying to make a living, but they are all very polite and as soon as you say "No thank you"  they wish you a good day and move on.  Of course, a Sandals security man is usually several feet right behind each one.  Enjoy the parade:

"Here comes the Coach man.  Cheap prices.  Free to look at.  Here comes the Coach man....."

                                "I got cigarettes,
                                   I got smokes....."

"Deep sea fishing, parasailing,......."

                 I bet you know what this guy
                               is selling.
                           You smoke it.

And here is the faithful security man, making sure each peddler keeps moving along.

One last piece of Jamaican wildlife for you here, seen out on our pool deck, a little friendly snail, making his way up the wall:

As the natives would say,  "Ya mon, it's all good!"


  1. puff the magic dragon apparently DOES live by the sea!

  2. It would be a shame to not bring home several of those coach bags for your daughter...uhh i mean yourself :) is pot legal there im assuming?? Rachel

  3. Just to feel a bit of your sunny joy, i decided to go to the jamican resort down by the temperance house...there i basked in the sun for a whole 8 minutes. And then i got burnt, went out in the rain and drove home hehe :)

  4. COACH ?!?! I must go to this glorious place! I would love to try some of that special stuff that you smoke...not the cigarettes...wink wink ;)

  5. Sorry to disappoint you all - we have not bought anything at all from the "vendors" on the beach.

  6. Sounds heavenly huh lindsay...coach purses galore and puff the magic dragon lol...rachel