Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Postcards From Jamaica!

Happy Mothers' Day to all the mothers reading this today, especially to my best-in-the-whole-world mom, if you are reading this.  The mother here in Jamaica (moi) is thoroughly enjoying herself, and being so pampered!

During our escort to our meal last night, the butler presented us with our first "Dirty Banana" beverage, a delicious concoction of coffee, chocolate, banana and vanilla ice cream.  I suppose there was some alcohol in there too, but the other stuff was so good you just swooned.

The "Dirty Banana" - more like a milkshake or a dessert.

Our fancy appetizers.  We don't know what they were.  (Don't think about it, just eat it.)  They were good.
Our chef loved singing, loudly, songs from the 60's and 70's.  He made it a fun night, and all the other diners at our table were fun and sang along too.

The wonderful Japanese hibachi meal last night along with this morning's coffee at the Bayside Restaurant buffet disqualified the husband/lover/best friend from doing the introductory scuba class this morning,   (The sodium/caffeine increased his blood pressure to just beyond the level they accept.)  He will try again tomorrow, but if it doesn't happen, he is OK, because there are just so many other fun things to do on this resort.

We decided following breakfast that since we are IN THE CARRIBEAN and ON THE OCEAN, that we should put in a little beach time.  At about the time we had that thought, our butler phone rang, and Kendrick the butler wondered if we were "ready to be escorted to our private piece of heaven on the beach."  Yes, OK, of course.

Here is our reserved spot for the week, all prepared with a cooler full of beverages on ice, a magazine, and fresh towels.

Our own little slice of heaven, until it stormed.
Every hour or so Kendrick came by with some little surprise.  First it was a "Miami Vice" beverage, an hour later it was a "Kendrick's Special" drink (he said if you look closely it is made in China), and about the time I started thinking of food, along he comes with a third drink and a pizza for us.  I can get used to this pampering, for sure, mon.

Time for a few random shots from the beach:

Beach security is tight.  I like that.  They chase off any pesty sales people.

More adventures to come!  Watch for MONDAY POSTCARDS FROM JAMAICA tomorrow!


  1. When you"re done with him this week, please remember to return my butler to me promptly upon your arrival home...thank you :) rachel

  2. DIRTY BANANAS!!!!! WE REMEMBER THOSE!!! They are addicting!!! Sounds like you guys are having a blast. Love you both.


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