Sunday, May 20, 2012

It's Bittersweet......

......coming home, that is.

Yesterday, on our flight home from Jamaica, the stewardess stated loud and clear, for all to hear, "This is your flight to reality.  You make your own breakfast tomorrow morning."  Way to pop our blissful vacation bubble!

Anyway, I took the picture of this flower on my way out of the Sandals resort yesterday.  I think I will attach a rather esoteric and symbolic discussion to this bloom.  This plant is both absolutely beautiful and somewhat terrifying.
I don't know what it is called, but I will call it BITTERSWEET
The flowers are lovely; the stems are horrifying.
The flowers are colorful; the stems are dull.
The flowers are attractive; the stems scare you off.
Truly a mix of the bitter and the sweet.

I'm gonna go all melancholy here, and proclaim that returning home from Jamaica for us was BITTERSWEET.  

BITTER because:
 - I don't want my vacation to end.
 - We are returning to the realities of real life:  working, cooking, cleaning, chores, paying bills, etc., etc.
 - The money is all spent.
 - There are four mountains of laundry now on my laundry room floor, and I have no clean underwear so I must start laundry immediately.
 - There is no food in the house.  The boy ate it all.
 - I see a mountain of mail and bills on my kitchen table to be sorted and paid.
 - My suitcase was ransacked in Customs/Immigration and now my favorite sunglasses are gone.  (I only paid $2.99 for them, but still, I feel violated.)
 - I am out of shape again, and I will DIE after returning to the gym tomorrow.

But here's the SWEET part
SWEET because:
 - Bob and I enjoyed plenty of good relaxation, conversation, and adventures together.  We are lucky to have and love each other throughout all these (34) years.
 - We experienced several new adventures together:  snorkeling, spa-ing, and exotic food.
 - We loved being served and pampered.  
 - We are blessed that we were able to take this trip.  Our butler explained to us that Jamaicans cannot easily get visas to leave their country, so they are virtually unable to travel (nor do they have the financial means to do so.)
 - We created wonderful and happy memories that we will enjoy for the rest of our lives.
 - We came home to a family who wanted us to have a great time, but who still missed us.

So yes, we are home, settling in, and of course, already thinking of the next adventure.




Time to think of the next adventure.  (See below!)

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