Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Magazine Articles That Don't Make Sense

Anyone who knows me at all has probably already learned that I am a VORACIOUS READER.  I read anything - books, magazines, travel catalogs, mail advertisers, pamphlets I pick up here and there, anything.  So it has been a challenge for me to limit myself to only receiving A FEW magazine subscriptions.

The problem is this:  until I have read a publication, it is stacked on a pile on my desk.  The pile gets high, because other bits of life creep in and limit my reading time.  Like blogging.  Like eating.  Like spending time with the most-wonderful-in-the-whole-world grandchildren.  Like going to Jamaica on occasion.  The pile is teetering.

Anyway, because of the Teetering Pile Problem, I only subscribe to the following publications:

     1.   Better Homes and Gardens magazine (I need to at least know how to dream of having a showcase home and garden.)  I purchased a quilt at Wal-mart and in the packaging was a coupon for a free subscription.    Works for me.

    2.  Food and Family (Kraft Foods sent this to me free for a year.  I loved it so now I actually pay for a subscription.)

    3.  People magazine (Yes I admit - I like reading celebrity gossip. )

    4.  Cosmopolitan (I don't even know how a subcription to this mess of literary genius started   arriving in my mailbox, but it just keeps showing up each month.)

    5.  Various travel magazines and catalogs

So I figure I've got a good slice of life pretty much covered there:  Home, Food, Style, Travel, and Sex Relationships.

Several weeks ago I wrote about my experience of taking my son for LASIK surgery in the Harrisburg area.  You can read it here if you missed it.

While he was having his procedure, I picked up some magazines to read in the waiting room.  In a matter of about 30 minutes, I read 3 articles, none of which made any good sense to me.  See if you agree.

Article #1:  "How To De-Clutter Your Life"

 In this article it was suggested that you invest in a few items that you can then use to organize your clutter.  They included file boxes, a ball bin, a lazy susan, wall hooks, a lidded storage bin, a storage ottoman, various glass jars, and a hanging organizer.  All for only $350!

I don't get it.  In my mind you have just added a bunch of clutter, AND spent a lot of money to do it.  How does that make sense?

Article #2:  "30 Minute Family Meals"

I don't even recall what the recipe was to make, because when I looked at how much work was involved in just getting all the ingredients ready, we were well over 30 minutes.

bacon - cooked, cooled, and crumbled
onions and green peppers - diced and cooked
beans - drained and rinsed
chicken - cut into 1 inch pieces and cooked
noodles - cooked and drained
mushrooms - washed and sliced
cheese - grated
48 grape tomatoes -  halved
olives - chopped

Am I just a slow chef or what?  There is no way I could do all that in 30 minutes.

Article #3:  "How To Start Your Own Business"

I was particularly interested in this one, because I grew up in a family that started its own business.  We manufacture THE BEST pretzels in the whole world and you can/should read about it here.  And by the way Tom Sturgis is my Dad, so whatever he does is GOOD.
Marriott Sturgis, founder of Tom Sturgis Pretzels, Inc.
This is my grandfather, also Tom Sturgis.  He is long gone, and we miss him.
Anyway, the article starts out by saying "For a mere $30,000, you can start...." and that's when I'm already thinking this author is an idiot the nurse is bringing my son out, ready to take him home.  Another non-sensical magazine article.  Time to stop reading, I guess.

Maybe I'll find something good to read today.  One way or another, I WILL READ.
Wishing you a day filled with GOOD SENSE and some GOOD READING...

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  1. Hey Jill, I'll bet for a mere $30,000, I can start that website that I talked with you about...

    Also, on the de-cluttering article, I think you're showing a little too much bias here and not giving us what the article actually suggests. You tell us that the article says to do a certain thing, but you don't actually give us what the specific instructions are. I'm going to need a citation, or at least a little more description of the author's instructions to buy your argument wholesale. Sorry, I'm a savvy shopper...get it?