Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" With the Twins

Last night the girls went out and had a lovely girly night on the town, the girls being Germall (me) and Tori and Brianna, the cutest-in-all-the-world twin granddaughters.  Since they are going to turn SIX this Saturday, I thought they'd be grown up enough to go see a real show and stay up REALLY LATE, even on a school night.  I'm sure their mother hates me this morning.  Heehee.

We put on our fancy clothes and headed up the road to The Community Arts Center to see the real Disney production of "Beauty and the Beast."

Here are the girls outside the theater all dressed up and ready to go.

Brianna on the left, Tori on the right
We had excellent seats up in the Loge, which made it easy for them to look down and see the whole performance area.  The girls were fascinated to even be able to view the musicians warming up in the orchestra pit.  They were quite sure they heard their favorite uncle Caleb (my son, a trumpet performance graduate) playing his instrument down there, although it was not him.

The theater itself is old and remarkably beautiful.  I told the girls they were sitting in the same place in which their mommy's college graduation happened.  Looking around at the theater decor kept them busy until the curtain went up.  

Elegant walls

Ornate ceiling

The rose is central to the story

Typical of any Disney production, it was musical, majestic, magical and memory-making.

The girls loved the sets, costumes, and special effects.  During a storm scene they asked me "how do they make it rain in here?"

A favorite scene for the twins was a large production dance number in which all the dancers made a special rhythm by clanking their beer mugs with each other.  

They were relieved and happy at the end when Belle and the Beast finally declared their love for each other and broke the spell.  The girls informed me that now all the characters "will change to humans."  (They had recently watched the movie and knew what SHOULD happen.)

My favorite character was Lumiere, a candle-looking guy with a French accent.  "Ahhh Mademoiselle, you cut me to the wick!"

The girls needed some "Beauty and the Beast" outrageously ridiculously overpriced souvenir roses, which they decided would have their mommy's perfume sprayed on them to smell more real.  

Two beauties, right here
After the show I sugared them up before sending them home to Mom and Dad got them a Dunkin' Donuts snack, because they were starving and it had been a long wonderful night.  


And it was just plain fun.


  1. Aww, I love this! They were still talking about it this morning and would NOT leave the house until I sprayed their roses with my american eagle favorite perfume and put their roses in their backpacks. Amazingly the girls said their roses didn't really smell like flowers but they smelled like mommy which was even better :) Tori was a little disgruntled that I woke her up for school so early because she "just fell asleep" and Brianna tried VERY hard to convince me that I was mistaken and today was actually saturday and they are "allowed to sleep till we wake up mom". Rachel

  2. So sweet--you must make sure to archive this to show them when they get older. These are the kinds of memory-making events every little girl should have with their gramma!

  3. Kathy and I have taken the grands to shows, on vacations and even simple trips to the movies over the years. They still talk about it with such magic in their eyes and love in their voices. Just listening to them makes us happy we were able to share those moments with them.

    Isn't making memories Grand.

    It's about time.

  4. I think Disney world would be the grandest of grand memories...just saying :) And I'm not going to put my name down because I don't want you to know who is strongly implying this great idea should happen soon haha.

  5. I hope you have a spectacular trip, from start to finish!

  6. Well we would have to plan it and you would be going with :)