Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Countdown Is On.....

.....until we leave for Jamaica!  Well, actually, the countdown began in August of 2011 when we booked the trip, and since then, it has seemed like this month would never get here.  Our anticipation is building, building, and building!

I have gotten a few things ready to pack even though there is still a week and a half to wait:

And I have made LISTS.  Boy, do I have lists:

1.  What to put into the suitcase
2.  What to put into my carry-on bag
3.  What to put into my purse
4.  What papers, tickets, forms to bring along (passports, flight numbers, scuba medical form)
5.  How much money, and in what denominations to bring (small bills for tipping)
6.  A list of things I still need to do (fill prescriptions, pay bills, reconfirm flights, etc.)

With lists, I can sleep at night and not have a mind that keeps rolling.  Sometimes.


Well it depends on how you count time, and this is a topic that goes way back in our family history and the kids laugh about now but are also teaching their children about.

Here is what the calendar looks like, and then I will tell you our various methods of counting time:

You can clearly see today (May 2), and Jamaica  (May 11)

Method #1 - Count the number of workdays remaining.  This is the husband/lover/best friend's method.  An obvious choice for him, because he works.  I say this method is garbage and mathematically unsound faulty, because if I were to use that formula I would see 7 workdays remaining.  Now if I start today and count to 7 days, then why are we not leaving that day?   The formula falls apart.

Method #2 - Count all the days between now and the day we leave, i.e. don't count today and don't count the day of leaving.  My kids invented this math and regularly used it prior to Christmas, Easter, and other big events.  They would make red and green interlocking paper chains and tear one link off each day.  But if you don't count the day you are on, nor the day of the event, again you come up short and disappointed that "it's not here yet." Unbelievably, they are stubborn and still use this method.

Method #3 - Count the number of overnights, better known in our household as "sleeps."  This is my method, and I feel it is genius, brilliant, and foolproof.  Looking at the calendar above, I can clearly see there are 9 remaining sleeps until we go. 

Have I mentioned that I am just so excited that I could ..... well you know?!
So let me end this by saying I COUNT it a pleasure to be able to share my math with you, and by MY COUNT, I have only 9 sleeps till I am off on my next grand adventure!


  1. Method #2 is proven. Don't argue it. Just accept the fact that despite being a math professor, you can't correctly count the days remaining.