Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday Postcards From Jamaica!

We're here!  And its Beautiful!

Here are some photos of our accommodations at the Sandals in Negril, Jamaica:

We have our own private pool right out our back door:

We have an outdoor shower nestled out by our pool

Our first lunch was right on the beach at the Sandals Beach Grill, where I had my first try at Jamaican Jerk Chicken.  Very spicy but tasty.  I needed a cool drink to put out the fire on my lips.

Rum punch and iced towels were offered at check-in.

Jerk chicken

Our butler had a few surprises for us upon arrival:

A cheese and fruit plate in the room with champagne on ice
He made sure to point out our stocked frig and bar
Everything around the resort is lush and tropical:

All of these plants are surrounding our pool.  It's really a tropical paradise!

Tonight our butler has made us a reservation at Kimono's, a hibachi grill.  He will be here shortly to escort us there.  

Watch for more POSTCARDS FROM JAMAICA tomorrow!


  1. Yep...still jealose. Private pool and outside shower would be fun to uhh swim in. Looks so nice! Have fun :) rachel

  2. Awesome!! Enjoy yourselves! You deserve it! I'm sure everything will live up to your expectations! Love you two. -Sarah