Monday, July 9, 2012

In Stitches

I've been reading again, and I recently finished a book that was wildly entertaining.  If you are looking for a good autobiography, find this book and expect to put all your chores on hold for a while.

In Stitches, by Anthony Youn, is a raucously funny self-portrait by a young Korean-American nerd who ultimately becomes a renowned plastic surgeon.  This account of Youn's misfit adolescence, tumultuous years in medical school, obsession with "getting laid," and ultimate realization of his dream made me laugh and even cry at times.  

In addition to its entertainment value,  I was delighted to learn some new words along the way.  You may recall from a previous blog post, that I love finding new words to learn.  This book did not disappoint.  

Here are several new words I came across:

apoplectic (overcome with extreme anger)  

Like this.
body dysmorphic disorder (a fixated perception of abnormality in the size of a specific part of the body)

gigantomastia (overly large breasts)

Some would say Dolly Parton has gigantomastia.
scrum (an ordered formation of rugby players)

I love it when I find an engrossing and entertaining book like In Stitches, and it's a welcome bonus when I also find some intriguing new words.  Read this book if you are a person who has ever wondered if you would "find your calling."  I'm still looking for mine...

What good books are YOU reading?

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