Wednesday, July 25, 2012



I got thinking today what some women go through in order to take their appearances from everyday ordinary to stunning.  Most of us want to look our best, and I'm sure we have our own well-established beauty habits and routines.

Some of the "processes" we schedule and carry out are the following:

hair styling
hair color
hair root touch-ups
scalp treatments and moisturizing
dandruff treatments
face cleansing rituals
facials, including extractions
skin moisturizing
waxing - eyebrows, upper lips, chin, underarms, legs, bikini area
plucking stray facial hairs
clipping nose and ear hairs
teeth brushing and flossing
teeth whitening
breath freshening
makeup regimen
makeup removal regimen
shaving - done in lieu of waxing
tanning spray in a can
tanning spray in a booth
tanning in a yard
tanning in a tanning salon 
manicures and nail painting
full acrylic nail sets
acrylic nails filled on a regular basis
pedicures and nail painting

Their feet can barely reach the little tub!
It tickles Germall!
On a recent afternoon spent with my cutest-in-the-whole-world-twin-granddaughters, I took them to my nail salon and arranged for them to have their FIRST PEDICURE EVER.  They loved it!  (Who wouldn't?)  If you recall, my theory is that if everyone had a pedicure on a regular basis, even just once every three months or so, there would be no wars.  A good pedicure eliminates all bellicose tendencies, believe you me.

They had fun, and as usual, I hope we made some memories.

Of course, some people take the process of beautification to the next level, and consider adding one or more of the following procedures to make themselves feel and look better:

hair extensions
ear and body piercings
face lifts
jaw and neck tightening
nose jobs
breast implants
breast reductions
breast lifts
tummy tucks
permanent cosmetics

Every person knows what it takes in order to feel best.  I have seen numerous celebrities that have had many surgeries in order to fight the appearance of aging, and honestly I'm not sure I think they look improved.  To me, a person that is upbeat and can easily smile is very attractive.  I have seen pregnant women in their ninth month who have gained 60 pounds, and cancer patients in their last days of life who have a natural beauty and dignity that would be hard to reproduce through any cosmetic means.

What do you think?  When is beautification taken too far?


  1. Love to read about making fun memories with grandchildren.

  2. Thank you Linda, we always have a load of fun together.

  3. What sweet girls. And you are right about pedicures, but y'know - I have never had one. Gasp! I understand they are wonderful.

    My husband says one of his favorite things about me is I can be ready to go in under 30 minutes and look fabulous [in his eyes] and that is even for a fancy, dress up gig. I don't worry, or really care what others do - if it makes them feel pretty, who am I to question - but I think it is sad that the media has put a premium on skinny over healthy and given girls and women an unrealistic goal to reach. All my kids are completely different body wise [except they are all tall] and we appreciate and tell them they are beautiful as they are - they're unique. Right?