Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Puppy Is One!

.....and is still very much a puppy!  She has nicely developed into a beautiful, sleek, LARGE puppy -  a lovable friend, an under-my-feet-all-the-time presence, and a somewhat gawky young lady.

On July 8th Sheila, son Caleb's weimaraner puppy, turned one and we had a very wild raucous party to celebrate.  Hardly.  We deposited several cake crumbs (from daughter Sarah's recent master's graduation party cake) on our kitchen floor, wisely away from the kitchen table and waited until she found them and devoured them.  End of party.

Here's a few recent pictures of Sheila and her doings:

Sheila at one year
Sheila is guilty
Sometimes she digs but this is crazy.
Sheila was ready to celebrate when Caleb got his pilot license.
Sheila finds a birdie

This almost NEVER happens!
Lastly, Sheila has officially learned how to swim.  She loves the creeks and she loves the river.  

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  1. Well happy birthday Sheila...you are a gorgeous girly...