Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ice on a Scorcher

With temperatures soaring to almost 100 degrees, my mind is on COOL things.  I promise I won't spend this blog writing about the weather though, because I personally find myself bored reading blogs that are all about the weather, day after day.  Instead I am thinking about fun, cool, cold things.

This dog has it right.
I love taking factory tours, and so I started the day by traveling to The Ice House of Lewisburg.  There they make and distribute ice, in small bags for individual use ($1.00 per bag, serve yourself, put your money in the box, honor system), and in larger quantities and blocks for restaurants, etc.  I stepped inside the front door, and rang the bell for service.  Unfortunately, the factory is not OSHA approved for tours, so I was unable to see anything.  The extent of what I learned is that it was very noisy back in there.

I left there and went home, thinking again of COOL things.  Here's some COOL stuff I found:

I thought these ice cubes were a simple but amazing way to spiff up a drink and impress your company.  I must try this.
Pi cubes.  Brilliant.  I want these.
There is the Ice Hotel in Norrbotten, Sweden, the Igloo Villages of Switzerland, and the Snow Hotel of Finland, to name a few.  Look those up for some fun pictures and engineering genius.  In each of them, the walls, floor and furniture is made all of ice.  Here is an ice bar in an ice hotel:

Would you like a COLD drink?
Ice Hotel Glace, Quebec
Ice Hotel, Sweden
Aurora Ice Hotel, USA
I am all about finding exotic and unique places to stay in while traveling.  However, I don't know if I like the idea of sleeping on a slab of ice in so many layers of clothing that I couldn't move.  At some of these places you check your belongings in a locker in the city, and then you are shuttled to the site of the ice hotel and given a special sleeping bag for the night.  


                                                                                        And I even found this picture of "ice style."


But for me,  if I am thinking STYLE and RING and ICE, here is what is really on my mind:

And that is just REALLY COOL!

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  1. I know. I am getting tired of the all the weather talk too. It's hot and records are being broken, blah, blah, blah - BUT it isn't really anything we haven't lived through before and we do have A/C, ice and refreshing drinks. :)

    I love the strawberry ice cube idea! Excellent. I think I will freeze watermelon chunks in mine tomorrow to put in homemade lemonade and maybe make lemon ice cubes for our ice tea! YAY! I love to get new ideas from blogs. Thanks. :) Enjoy your Fourth Jill.