Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Queen Host

Is it just me or is the Queen just a tiny bit stingy with her smiles?  If you are like me and countless other Americans, you were tuned in Friday evening to the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Summer Olympics.  In the opening segment of the four hour long extravaganza, the 86-year-old Queen Elizabeth II greeted James Bond actor Daniel Craig at Buckingham Palace and then appeared to take a flight to the stadium before parachuting to the ground.

Shortly thereafter, (the real) Elizabeth appeared with husband Prince Philip to be greeted warmly by the crowd in the arena.

Personally, I especially enjoyed this 3 minute film and opening to the games, for it was totally unexpected.  As far as the records show, this was the Queen's first role in a movie, and she had graciously opened her private quarters back in April for one day of filming with Daniel Craig and the producers of the opening ceremonies.

After taking her place in the stands, the Queen made the statement that officially opened the 30th Olympics.  Let's be clear, watching her face it seems that this is SERIOUS business.  No smiles forthcoming from her at this official announcement.  Let the games begin then.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed the opening movie segment with the queen, I still must wonder why she is such a serious person.  Is it the tradition that goes along with being the figurehead of England?  Or is it just her own reserved nature?  

Some people say that Friday night the elderly monarch "was remade as a pop-culture icon" with her movie debut.  Others call the Queen's opening a "show-stopper."  Then some felt the Queen finally changed her general perception of being reserved and unapproachable.  

I don't know what she's really like, but she sure seems stiff to me, just judging by her face.  She lost a few points with me later, when, as the athletes of her own country marched in, she stood by picking her nails.  No smile, no applause, no cheering.  One must wonder if she felt pride in her team, or even noticed them at all.  Loosen up a bit Elizabeth, please!

I like smiles from a person.  I feel good when a person exudes warmth.  Well, whatever Queen Elizabeth II is really like, when I saw the next picture of her with James Bond, I was glad to see she was finally smiling.  

But let's be honest here folks, if I were standing next to him, I would be smiling too!


  1. I just guess it is because she has such a serious job.

  2. I think she takes her role as Monarch seriously and conducts herself in that manner when in public. She IS awfully pretty when she smiles, I must say - but I can imagine she was quite tired on Friday night - think of the receptions and glad handing the poor woman had to do before she stepped onto the "stage" - Not to mention the heads of state, or their representatives, she had to meet and greet.

    Yeah, at 86, I don't know if I could pop a smile, after all that, even for yummy Mr. Craig. :)