Thursday, June 7, 2012

Could I Please Have A WORD With You?

I love to read.  I mean I really LOVE reading.  As I have mentioned in previous posts, I will read just about anything.  Today I'd like to ramble on a bit for you about an interesting book I recently finished, and how it got me thinking about WORDS.

The book, Uneasy Rider, is Mike Carter's recounting of his travels through a mid-life crisis.  During an evening involving too many adult beverages, he boldly decides to take off on a large motorcycle and ride through whatever country he encounters.  (And, he tells everybody at the party he will do this.)  The next day his boss decides Mike's "trip" would be excellent journalistic material for the company, and so Mike is sent on his way.  Thus, the story unfolds of one man on a motorcycle he has just learned to ride, 27 countries, 20,000 miles, and a heck of a pile of funny, strange, and dangerous adventures.

Now because I am such a reading nerd and a word geek, and because I am always looking for ways to seem smarter than I am  accelerate and increase my intelligence, I often use a large index card as a book marker as I read through a book.  On it I write any words I come across whose definitions I do not know.  Sometimes I look them up when I have finished the book, but honestly, sometimes I just like looking at those words.  I know, I'm weird.  

Here's the list of words in that book that I didn't know.  By the way, the word "nadir" was the 2nd word of the prologue of the book.  It had me right there - I was running for my pen and index card.

nadir (second word of the book)
panniers (a bike part, I think)
coelacanth (a type of burger)

As you can see, I still have work to do there, but I do LOVE books, and I do LOVE words.

There are other lists of words in my brain too.  I am adding to these lists all the time.

Words I like:

ethereal - this word always gives me a good feeling, even though it is usually used in some lofty, stupid way

queue - I just like the way this word looks and sounds

spiv - I have no clue what it means but it's cute

Words I don't like:

moot - people use this too much and it irritates me

smirk - always has a negative use so I don't like the word itself either

moist - brings too many infectious and sickening things to my mind

Words I Made Up:

septraflicated - (it would mean) to have been calmed down

dirgify - (it would mean) to have the water pressed out of something

tramoculous - (it would mean) beyond amazing

I'll close my words ramblings with a memory from a very tramoculous and historic family Balderdash game that happened years ago.  If you like words, and you like games, this is a fun game to add to your family's game collection.
Buy it it you don't have it.  
My brother Bruce bluffed all of us, and I think won the game dammit, with the word "flummadiddle."
His "bluff/definition" - a leprechaun's private parts - fooled us all into believing that he was giving us the true definition.  We still talk about it to this day, and now I am even blogging about it.

So, I hope you are all having the enjoyment of reading something that amuses you.  If you find some good words, comment here and share them with the rest of us.  I will sign off until next time.  I don't want to become too circumlocutory, periphrastic and loquacious.  Take that!


  1. Great blog, Jill!
    Cheers from Argentina.

  2. Jill, you're wrong about moist. Moist is a delicious word! There's so much in that five-letter composition (MOIST) to chew up as one says moist, the experience is delightful!!! Think of all the wonderful moist things in life you deny by not liking the word moist. Moist is your friend! Moist loves you! Don't hate on moist!!! You should give moist a nice big moist kiss to make up to moist. Moist would really appreciate the moist gift.