Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Can You Tell the Difference?

I am all in favor of supporting small local businesses, and so I recently visited Keeley's Cafe in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania again.  My friend Joan and I meet for lunch about once every three or four weeks, and Keeley's was the venue this time.


I have been frequenting Keeley's for many years now; I estimate perhaps as many as 34 years.  I remember stopping in at Keeley's the week after my wedding to donate my wedding cake spacers to the cake bakers.  The manager was glad for them and thanked me with a dozen donuts.  I was immediately hooked on Keeley's, and have been a "regular" since.  At first Keeley's only offered baked goods, but later breakfast options and lunch items became part of Keeley's menu.

During all the years in which I was a stay-at-home mom, I had a regular Monday 8:30 AM coffee date with my friend Patti.  We would bring along our pre-school children, drink lots of coffee, eat some baked goods, and solve the problems of our small worlds.  Keeley's has moved their location twice since then, and I'm still going there and loving their goodies and trying to solve the problems of the world.

Here's a fun little exercise to see how observant you are.  It's similar to a regular feature I see in every issue of People magazine.  You are presented with two pictures, and you must try to find the differences or changes from picture one to picture two.  Can you find the differences in the next two pictures?  (Hint:  If you are having trouble the answer will be given below.)

Picture #1
Picture #2
Joan and I had a good time catching up on family happenings and recent vacations we both had, along with some delicious food.  For lunch I chose one of my standard favorites, a tuna melt sandwich.  As usual, Keeley's did not disappoint.

Keeley's is also a strong supporter of local artists.  On the walls and on the tops of the glass donut cases were displayed unique works of art fashioned from steel pieces.  The artwork along with the eclectic green and black decor of the place gave plenty of interesting things to look at while waiting for our food. 

Now back to the photo puzzle from above:  What's different between the two photos?  You guessed it! These went home with me!

The best raisin-filled cookies in the world!

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