Sunday, July 1, 2012

It's That "First of the Month" Thing Again

Today is the first of the month.
It is the first of the month of JULY to be specific.
That means, it is daughter Lindsay's birthday.  Happy birthday Lindsay!
And, it is also our 34th wedding anniversary.  Happy life to us!

Yes, I did spend all of my anniversary in 1982 laboring to give birth.  It was a 26 hour labor,  the longest of any of my children's labors.  In spite of the long labor, she was the smallest birth weight of my four children, and the best anniversary gift we could ever hope to receive.

Apart from these two great happenings on JULY 1st each year, on the first day of EACH month I do my usual anal first-of-the-month chores.  I just can't stop myself.  I have to have lists, and I have to be able to cross things off the lists.  It just gives me that little jolt of satisfaction and feeling like I accomplished something, when in reality, nothing much has happened.  Weird?  Yea.  I could write "breathe" on a list, then check it off at the end of the day and feel like I had purposely done something.
So here's my ridiculous but I have to do it anyway list for the first day of each month:

1.  Feed all houseplants.  I mean the plant food stuff, not just water.  (Watering is on another list.)

2.  Clean out the wash machine drain thingie.  (It's a little trap door down near the floor with disgusting water in it.  I just call the husband/lover/best friend to take care of it, and then I check it off my list.)

3.  Refresh the wash machine.  "Tide's oxygenated formula helps remove odor causing residues that build up on the surface of your washer over time - even from areas you can't see."  OK, I'll buy that.  Check.

4.  Use the fuzzy mop thing to remove all cobweb dingle-dangles.  Yup, I do this.  We have a streetlight right out front of our house and it seems to attract spiders and bugs.  They like to come in.  I don't like them to come in.

5.  Put the recycling stuff out on the curb for the monthly pickup.

6.  Refresh the garbage disposal.  Disposer Care Garbage Disposer Freshener tablets "rinse away foul odor."  Wouldn't want any of that around.  The dog and the boys give off plenty of that, thank you very much, and there's no tablet for that.

Well there you have it.  Aren't I just the fourth cousin thrice removed from Martha fruitcake Stewart?


  1. It seems that we all need lists. If we go to the store and we didn't bring a list chances are we won't get what we went for. If we're going to do multiple stops we have a list for that too, because sure as your reading this we will forget to make a stop thus messing up the other list of things to get. Isn't life great!

    Happy Birthday to your daughter and Happy Anniversary to you and Bob may you have many more happy and enjoyable years to come.

    PS Kathy and I celebrated 11 years yesterday.

    It's about time.

  2. Thanks friends for your kind words and wishes.

  3. Hey, I never thought of this and it is a brilliant idea. I am definitely a list-checker-offer kind of gal, but the first of the month finds me paying bills [yuck!] - I like this better. I think I should add organize the linen closet and have Pooldad vacuum under the fridge. I hate the gunky dust that gets under there and I can't move the beast.

    Happy [belated] birthday to Lindsay and I hope you have a wonderful Anniversary month. [Ours is on Saturday, but it is only 50% of yours. :) Congratulations!]