Thursday, July 19, 2012

Madonna's Mess Ups

Lately I've been so appalled by the recent antics of Madonna,  that I declare she has descended quite a few steps on my ladder of celebrity respect.  You see, for many years I did hold her in some sort of awe regard, mainly because she is my age, she keeps herself fit and healthy, and she has been somewhat creative and edgy.  I'm not saying I respect her lifestyle, but I did look forward to seeing what she would do in each new performance.  And, her recent Superbowl halftime performance was better than some of the others in past years.
Not in bad shape for 53.
However, news reports from the European leg of her current MDNA Tour (her 9th tour which is promoting her 12th album, MDNA) are disgusting me.  

First let me give you a little bit of what I have found in researching Madonna's requirements while on tour.  Among the diva "must haves" are the following:

1.  A 200 member road team to take care of all of her needs.  (Have you ever wished for just one Personal Assistant?)

2.  She requires all flowers in her dressing room to be cut to the correct height = 15.24 cm = 6 in.  Hydrangeas are not allowed.  She hates them.

3.  She must have 30 personal bodyguards.

4.  Her personal acupuncturist is with her on tour.

5.  Madonna's dressing room must be installed with 20 international phone lines at every concert location, so she can easily stay in touch with her people.

6.  All provided dressing room furniture must be moved out and her own furniture shipped in, at each tour location.  

7.  Her dressing room must be draped in fabrics fragranced by lilies and light pink roses.

Dressing room from 2012 Superbowl performance
8.  She brings along her own traveling dry cleaner in order to avoid any wardrobe mustiness.

9.  Her team of personal chefs make her vegan snacks only.

10.  Her yoga instructor is along for the tour and keeps Madonna flexible and in shape.

Ok, so if all of that is not over-the-top enough, what follows here is what sickens me.  And for these reasons I am no longer "enamored" with Madonna, just disgusted.  Another celebrity gone stupid.

1.  When leaving a concert venue, Madonna requires a disinfection team to sweep clean all traces of her from her dressing area and backstage areas, before any authorities of the local concert venue can even go into those areas.  

The cleanup team is required to fully clean all areas, and remove any remaining pieces of hair or cells of sweat and spit, thereby assuring that nobody can get any of her DNA.  (Is she afraid someone would want to clone her?)

2.  During a recent concert in Istanbul, Turkey Madonna exposed her right nipple.  (Really Madonna?  Is this necessary?)  I'm not providing any picture, but I assure you they are all over the internet.

3.  As if that wasn't bad enough, later in a Rome, Italy performance Madonna pulled down her britches and "mooned" the audience, showing her derriere in a g-string and fishnet stockings.  

I'M SORRY.  If this is what Madonna now feels she must resort to in order to keep in the celebrity starlight, I'm done with her.  

Be an older woman.
Be physically fit.
Be edgy and creative.
But BE A LADY!!!

Sorry Madonna, I won't be buying your MDNA album.

Does anybody out there agree?


  1. Its too bad after all these years she has overlooked bringing a dentist/orthodonist along on tour to fix that ugly gap in her teeth. rachel

  2. I find a simple mantra has provided me invaluable guidance over my lifetime thus far. Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.
    Bev in NS

  3. I totally totally agree Jill...

  4. I do not get you... You were in awe and because she is showing a nipple and buttcrack, you detest her? Where were you during her sex-erotica-period (pun not intended), and haven't you seen it all before? why the shock... And cleaning up after one's gone is a good habit, especially nowadays when dna IS something precious.
    Maybe it is ''the change''? Your change that is..