Monday, July 16, 2012

The Necessities

There are certain things that a pleasant weekend of camping should always include.  We just returned from a short weekend in the woods at one of our favorite state parks, the Raymond B. Winter State Park in central Pennsylvania, and our camping adventure did not disappoint.  (The only let down was how fast the Sunday 3:00 PM check-out time arrived, as usual.)

A good weekend in the woods should always include plenty of relaxing by a campfire.  The temperature stayed in a range lower than what we had expected, and so we were glad we had brought along plenty of firewood.

At some point during any camping trip, the husband/lover/best friend usually gets some satisfaction out of reorganizing some area in the camper or in one of its outdoor storage compartments.  This time he did some sorting of small miscellaneous items.  Now that he disposed of some of them, I'm sure we will be in a situation where we will need the ones that were elliminated.  Isn't that how it always works?

I say it's junk; he says it's important stuff.
Then there is always at least one random drive-by of some kind of interesting vehicle during the weekend, and this one should get a prize:
What is that thing?
A good pile of reading material is a must.  One would not want to be in the woods and run out of something to read.
Waiter Rant is a very funny book, by the way.
We always put up our hummingbird feeder, and this time we were not disappointed.  We often had three of these tiny birds fighting for a perch on the feeder.

We never tire of looking at these little beauties.
And wildlife.  A weekend in the woods is never predictable.  We watch for any signs of life.

This little guy spent hours going round and round the same tree trunk.
Of course, we will be counting the days until our next outing, when we will again be


P.S.  I almost forgot - you must have fried bacon.  Always.


  1. A very good description of a good camping trip, or at least it sounds good to me. However, I've never been camping so how would I know?

  2. Ooh I see a road trip of PA covered bridges in your agenda...will the haunted Cry Baby Bridge in Bucks County make the cut?! When I was in high school, kids (definitely not me) used to drive there late at night and turn off the lights and just wait for the "crying woman and her baby" to come out. Creeeepy!

  3. Ahhh I miss camping so much and your lists are perfect. Since we have kids I would have to include eating - and a lot. Especially s'mores.

    Being at the country house is as close as I can get to camping now that I am ill, but I'll take it because it is so peaceful, woody, quiet and uninhabited. We dug a fire pit in the back yard and have fires on cool nights [can't wait until September!] and the wildlife is spectacular. The resort where the house is even has a couple of peacocks [not indigenous to VA btw. ha!] and they are a fun touch to the birds, squirrels, groundhogs, deer and [hope I don't see them] bears.

    Hopefully when all is said and done with me we can finally get our little camper and get back on the road too. First stop will be the beach tho'. :D then the woods.

    Enjoy. And thanks for sharing.