Saturday, July 7, 2012

Crafty Stuff

Recently my lovable and funny twin granddaughters, Tori and Brianna, spent the day with me.  We decided to work on a few crafts as the weather outside was not "play outside" weather.

The girls are six now, so I thought they would be able to do some simple weaving and make some beaded bracelets.  All we needed for the project were yarn, pony beads and duct tape to hold the bracelets while they wove them.  They were so proud of their bracelets, that they made by their very own selves.
Weave two beads at a time
Expert weavers
The finished bracelets
So pretty.  So proud.  And so antsy to move on to the next adventure.  "What're we gonna do now Germall?"  (That's me.  I love it that they call me Germall.  It's special.)

So I said "Let's make DIRT and feed it to Happy!"  (Happy is my husband, their grandfather.  I love it that they call him Happy.  Makes him feel special.)  I showed them a picture of a recipe for DIRT, and they got all excited that we could make this concoction and trick him into eating dirt.

Here's the recipe, by the way:


2 cups cold milk
1package (4 servings) chocolate instant pudding
8 oz. container whipped topping, thawed
1package (16 oz.) Oreo cookies, crushed in a ziploc bag

Mix all of the above ingredients, and load into clay flower pots.  
Drape gummy worms on top.  
Serve with a smile and a twinkle in the eye. 

Ready to trick Happy with Dirt for dessert.
Dessert was served to Happy and Uncle Caleb, and they were ready to play along with the trick because I had previously warned them to make a big fuss horrified and disgusted at being served dirt.  Funny thing, though, they both were coerced by the girls into tasting it and even eating a whole potful of it.  Such a grumbling and griping by the men, all the while eating one spoonful after another.

It all goes to show - women have such power in the kitchen, don't you think?


  1. Darling little girls. We. Have identical twin girs in my husband's family. They're grown now but we've enjoyed watching them grow up. They're so identical it's like the same person in two bodies. Amazing.

  2. Aww...i like this one Mom. It's cute :-)

  3. They love love love going to germall and happy's house :) rachel