Sunday, July 22, 2012

Today I Love Albert Einstein

Why, you might ask, do I love Albert Einstein today?  Well it's because I came across something he had said about a person's desk and how the condition of that person's desk reflects upon the "fullness of his mind."

Lately I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed every time I look at my desk.  I know I have some sorting and organizing to do, along with paying the regular bills on time, but my desk is so out of control, that I almost don't know where to begin.  See for yourself:

The Mess
Here's a worse view 
I don't recall how I found this quote, (it's not like I make a habit of looking up old, wrinkly, weird, smart, dead guys) but this made my day.  Perked me right up.  Did the happy-shake-my-large-booty dance.

I love that!  There he is, sitting in his office behind a very messy full desk.  My mind would like to extrapolate actually in the other direction.  "If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, then what are we to think of a full desk?"

A closer look at the inside of Einstein's office
I'm starting to love the similarities I see that I have with Einstein.  In my previous working life, I taught mathematics at the college level.  My friend Einstein did some math too.  And now I see that Albert (I love referring to my buddy as Albert) has a completely trashed up full desk just like mine!

I see clearly how it is, and I am willing and even eager to share this revelation:

Einstein has a very full and messy desk and he did math and he is a genius.
I have a very full and messy desk and I did math ---------->I am a genius!

What I will do with this new found revelation I don't exactly know, but some other unknown genius recently stated that "you're never too old to learn something stupid."  Whatever that means.

Now that I know for sure that I'm a genius,  I guess I better get busy and go do some smart stuff.  Just don't ask me to solve any of the problems of the world.

The man was brilliant.  



  1. Sorry, but I agree you have work to do. I must not be too bright because I need more organization than Al apparently did. Keep enjoying your likeness to Al, that way you can avoid organizing your desk.

  2. AND he has AWESOME hair!! I love that man!

  3. All these years I thought I was a procrastinator. Now I know different, I too am a genius! Thanks sweetie! Now I don't have to clear my desk off! Wouldn't want me to get stupid would you?

  4. guess I have been a genius forever!!!! My desk always looked like that until the day I sold the desk after retirement....now my non office desk looks like that...at least you have organized piles (I did too lol)

  5. I don't have a desk but my house sometimes looks like that. So what does that make me?? Rachel