Tuesday, June 4, 2013

X-Rated Dining

My lunch view
Today I had an errand to do, and on the way I stopped briefly at a fast food joint to get a drink and a quick bite to eat.  After exiting the drive-thru lane, I pulled into the only space available, one right at the edge of busy Route 15, to have my lunch.

There is usually lots of traffic on this highway, especially at lunch and dinnertime.  Today was no exception.  Loud tractor trailers barreling down inches from my parking spot hardly allowed for a relaxing lunch.

If you ask me, she's not interested.
And I certainly wasn't thinking of ROMANCE at all, that is, until I noticed these two birds
landing on the lamp right in front of me.

Now the sexperts experts say that men are visual creatures.  All a man has to do is look at a lovely lady, and he is ready to rock and roll.  As for women - they are more emotional - they think about things more.    In fact, a lady needs a good amount of thinking about her man, all throughout the day, to put her in the right mood for romance.

Apparently, these laws of love do not apply to the birds.  And, next thing you know, it was x-rated dining for me.

There was to be no all day wooing:

There was certainly no privacy:

Not even a hint of candlelight or soft music either:

Just wham, bam, thank you ma'am.  Done.

I hadn't even consumed two whole onion rings, and they were done and gone.

Geez.  Men.


  1. Quickies like that are for the birds (grin). By the way, I tried to answer your comment on my blog.

  2. Most of the animal kingdom is just like those two love birds. In fact, scientists tell us we were once the very same during our more primitive days. Back there the female didn't get time to think. Thank Heaven that we evolved.com

  3. Well, that was quite the show for lunch! lol