Saturday, June 15, 2013

Building My Nest

No, not that kind of nest, although, while I'm talking about nests, take a look at this cool nest-resembling treehouse:

The nest I built today is my hunkering down station for the next several weeks, the place where I will recover, rest, sleep, and hopefully heal following my heel surgery in two days.

Since steps are out of the question for a while, we moved a bed down onto the first floor for me.  Although it seems strange to have a bed in the corner of our living room, we figure it's only temporary, and a better option than trying to navigate the steep 13 steps up to our second floor.  Plus, I am lousy using dangerous on crutches.

I also packed that bag sitting there full of a variety of things to keep myself amused - magazines, books, phone and laptop chargers, and several DVD's, including two seasons of "Idiot Abroad."  Maybe in spite of my pain and painkiller-induced funk, I will still be able to find some laughs.

The quilt on that bed was given to us 35 years ago as a wedding present, hand made by my grandmother.  Perhaps in the rough hours ahead, remembering her will help me to feel a bit better.

Today I heaped plenty of extra pillows onto that bed, and made a few other pre-surgery preparations, including stocking the kitchen full of a good-sized load of food.  You'd think we are expecting eight feet of snow.  Well, this is Pennsylvania, so you never know.

In other related news, I am now one of THOSE PEOPLE.  Yes, today I shopped alongside the husband/lover/grocery cart pusher while riding on a Mart Cart.  This was mostly a trial run, although with the pain I'm experiencing now, and knowing we needed a HUGE order, this was the most merciful option for my heels.

After a rough start, in which I nearly added "whiplash" to my current health profile, I got the hang of starting slow and navigating through the Saturday crowds without clipping anyone's heels or overturning any corner displays.  (Note to self:  avoid Saturday afternoons if needing to use a Mart Cart.)  I even went backwards several times, just because I wanted to see if this vehicle goes"beep, beep, beep" while in reverse.  It does, hee hee.
We also did a trial run using our borrowed wheelchair, simulating a drop-off at the curb, then cruising through our side yard, and finally backing it up our three side stairs and into the kitchen.  All systems are a "go" on that method of getting this anesthesia-stupered lump of lard into the house following surgery on Monday.

In other unrelated news, our new roof is going on.  After planning for this major upgrade for the last two years, and holding our breaths every time it rains, this project is finally happening.  Roofers started yesterday and continued today.  

Look closely up at the chimney on the left side of the house.

Isn't the timing of things sometimes amazing?  Along with the throbbing foot pain I will probably have, I will have the pounding and thumping of a new roof going on.  Both the roof and the foot jobs need to happen, though, so we will try to make the best of it.

We are off now to celebrate Fathers' Day.  To my dad:  I love you, and enjoy your day tomorrow.  You're the best!


  1. I think that every living room should have a bed. Makes perfect sense to me.

  2. There seems to be some balance in these actions. New soles and new cover:)

  3. Nothing like a new roof on the house to make one feel safe and secure!

    Hope your heel 'heals' quickly so you don't get too used to that Walmart speed cart.