Friday, June 21, 2013

Days Three and Four Post-Op: It's the Small Things

Healing and recovery are both chugging along right here in my little corner of the living room.  The nursing care here at the Thomas facility is stellar - the hubby and son just take turns doing whatever needs to be done.  Puppy Sheila does her part too, just generally being lovable, nosy and getting in the way at all times.  I would miss her though, if she weren't around, sniffing my bandaged toes and following me around on my knee scooter.

The last two days and nights have crawled by, hour by hour, as I learn to navigate and function on one leg.  Other than a few difficulties which are past history now, and so I won't dwell on the gory details, things are going forward, and my status at this point seems to be on track for how many days I am post-surgery.

I had several pleasant happenings over these last two days, enough to keep my mind positive through the pain and discomfort:

1.  Son-in-law Lance stopped by for a brief visit, and he brought me a lovely bunch of flowers in my favorite color yellow.

A mere one week ago he defended his doctoral dissertation, and then yesterday he had his first job interview in his field.

We are saying lots of prayers that he will get this job, as it seems to be a good fit for his interests, and it would move Lance and daughter Sarah much closer to home.  (Gotta think of proximity to those future grandchildren, for which they are definitely planning!)

2.  A good friend and former college teaching colleague of mine stopped by yesterday to see me.  About five years ago, Lauren had heel surgery similar to mine, and at the time I even did some substitute teaching for some of her classes while she was recovering.  She brought along with her a very handy vacuum boot which can be worn when the time comes that I am allowed to take a full shower.

3.  Last night I had several two hour stretches of sleep.  That's a great improvement over the other nights so far.  Those two hours were each full of wild, bizarre dreams, but hey, sleep is sleep, and I'm grateful for it.

This morning the husband/lover/physical therapist announced that I will be having two exciting new experiences today.  A little alarmed and concerned, I timidly asked him what he had in mind.  He replied, 1 - we will be figuring out how to do a hair washing at the kitchen sink, and 2 - we will navigate the one step down into our sunporch, where my favorite recliner sits, and where I can look outside at my beloved waterfalls and see the birds.

So yeah, it's the small things.  Small, but good.


  1. "One step at a time". Now that is an appropriate phrase for this time in your healing. Right? Or is it left, right; left, right.

  2. Slow but sure! Progress will come!