Monday, June 3, 2013

Lotta Schmarts Around Here

I've become aware that there have been numerous graduations around here lately, so I'm expecting that the smartness quotient in the area has been elevated a bit.  Whether or not that's true, it's at least a nice thought.

Over the nine years that I taught mathematics at the college level, I became dismayed to see that the educational outputs of the student body seemed to decrease from year to year.

So then, I would have to wonder about today's graduates.

To a new group of graduates, one speaker remarked, "You are brilliant, able, and ambitious.  You shall always walk the glory road.  Happy graduation."

Brilliant?  Possibly.  Able?  Maybe.  Ambitious?  We will see.

Anyway, in my vast travels across the internet, I have come across numerous items and inventions that show someone is definitely using their schmarts.  I thought I'd share some of them with you today, just to celebrate all those folks walking about now with new diplomas in hand.

In my book, this is a very cool use of an old entertainment center.  Some little child will have a great time playing with this mini kitchen:

And what about this innovative baby crib for the little one?

These next two photos show that college students can sometimes "think outside of the box."

Lower bunk ipad holder

Son Caleb was griping the other day when our toaster burned his bagel.  Why not have a see through model?

And why just have a normal set of stairs when you can have this winding wonder?

And while we're speaking of stairways, here's a wonderfully creative use of space:

Another very smart designer figured out how to use that dead corner space:

And here's a new twist on the typical office shredder.  Genius or stupid?  I'm not sure.

Here's an invention that daughter Sarah would appreciate.  The Toe Pull eliminates the need to touch filthy public restroom door handles:

I suppose there are many intelligent people that invent things that nicely benefit mankind.  Hopefully the graduating class of 2013 includes quite a few of them.

Then there are just those other people, who are probably very smart, but should think twice before allowing their imaginations to become reality:

Baby duster
Congratulations, graduates!  I will anxiously wait and watch to see what goodness, no, greatness, comes from your class.  Use your schmarts wisely!

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