Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Day Two Post-Op: It's a Small World

Right now my world has shrunk to a very tiny and limited realm.

It contains my small bed in the corner of the living room, a recliner next to the bed, a little end table with all my STUFF next to the recliner, and a path that seems about, oh, five miles from the  living room through the kitchen to the nearest bathroom.

And that's OK, because I can navigate only that much, with help.

This one legged business is tricky.  It kinda narrows survival down to the bare minimums.  In this case, that basically means eating and eliminating.  And here's the funny thing:  those pain killers really mess with that second part.  It's a fine line on which to balance.  I don't want unnecessary pain, but, well, I don't want that other trouble either.

So I'm resting and healing.

I'm thankful for the husband/lover/nurse/personal chef who brings me cute meals on a tray, like this homemade tuna noodle salad with a side of fruit and even an after dinner mint.

I'm grateful for son Caleb who keeps the ice bag on my ankle full, and pulls me up and out of the chair or bed as needed.

And finally, I'm blessed by the generosity of a good friend who called and offered to bring a meal later for our dinner.

Right now I'm simply taking it five minutes at a time.  I best be starting that five mile hike again though.

Over and out.


  1. At least you have your STUFF nearby - that's important, LOL!! Yeah, I hear ya on the side effects of the pain killers. Costco (and probably other places) carries a fiber gummy that is tasty and helps keep things moving. Also, high fiber protein bars are helpful. Good luck and take it easy.

  2. I sympathize with the pain killers. When I had knee surgery a few years ago, I tried two different kinds and both made me vomit and not be able to eat. I ended up using prescription strength ibuprofin. Your pain may be worse than mine was. Hang in there. It will get better and soon you will be running again!!

  3. I go an leave internet land for a few and suddenly I come back and you have this going on. Oh sweetheart. My heart goes out to you. It does. I understand. Too well. [But hey, good looking wrapping on the leg. Have someone sign the ace bandage "SKIPPY" for me, wouldja? ::hee::]

    That said, I can agree that you are very blessed with a family that takes care of you. And remember - this too shall pass. My family and a view to the outside about saved me. I can see you are by a window, but [internet willing] if you need pretty pics, just let me know and I will happily send along our view too.

    You take care and DO NOT DO TOO MUCH. You have the right idea. Do JUST those two things and you will recover quicker.

    Miss you, but so happy you are keeping your wonderful perspective. As always, Skip

  4. I would rather have the pain than use pain killers any stronger than asprin. Hope you heal faster than expected.

  5. Glad you have a team of experts taking care of you!

  6. Keep you chin up, you have a great team to help you around the clock. As for the pain pills, drink NON concentrated apple juice, I found it in the frig section. It will help the other problem. Prayers to you for a fast recovery. Kerry

  7. glad to see your doing well...and have lots of help...heres to a speedy recovery for you...