Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Saga Continues

Yes, The Saga of My Boogered Up Heels goes on.  If you're not up to date on this saga and you want to read the nitty gritty of this friendly blogger's troubles, you can read the latest update back in this post.

There has been only one change since then, though.  I have called the surgeon's office and cried and grovelled begged for my eight week appointment to be moved up.  And so that is why I am counting down the three days from now until Wednesday, when I hope and pray the surgeon will say, "Yes, let's surgify the worst heel, and fix it, and can we do the surgery tomorrow?"

Other than that, this has been one of those rare weekends in which we didn't have any appointments, family commitments, or travels.  So what did I do?

1.  I thought with happiness a lot about the fact that I am only three days away from hopefully getting some healing.

2.  I enjoyed a pleasant breakfast with the hubby at the Street of Shops, an indoor village containing craft and antique shops, and a quaint little 50's style restaurant where the locals "know to go."

3.  I read quite a few chapters in two books.  One of them, The Virgin RV Chronicles:  Spousal Survival on the Road to Fulfillment, by Phil Essman, details the humorous adventures of a man and his wife who decided to rent a camper, drive across the country, and attend a relative's graduation.  Mind you, they had never camped before.

The other book, Beyond the Bear:  How I Learned to Live and Love Again After Being Blinded by a Bear, by Dan Bigley, recounts the day an Alaskan fisherman was horrifically mauled by a large grizzly and the aftermath of that incident.

4.  I had a nice little picnic with son Caleb on our back patio while the husband/lover/fisherman extraordinaire was out in the creek somewhere catching "the big one" with a neighbor friend.

During said picnic, Caleb informed me that he might be, could possibly be, may be, probably is,...taking note of a new young lady at the church.  Of course I calmly pumped him for all the details I could squeeze out of him, and what I got is that she's "really pretty" and "vivacious."  I then asked him if he has A PLAN, and he replied that he facebook friended her.  Ah.  Modern socializing, base one.

5.  I put my feet up, read some more, had an adult beverage, and shared some snuggles on the couch with this little girl.  When she snuggles, she doesn't realize she weighs about 70 pounds.

6.  After church this morning, we shared a leisurely lunch with some good friends at a small cafe, Lisa's Milltown Deli, not far from home.  We sat at one of the tables outside of the cafe, and enjoyed some good food and nice cooling breezes.  Bob swooned numerous times, assuring us all that he was enjoying the best tomato soup he has ever eaten.

7.  As I write this, I'm listening to a frog croak in our back yard.  About a week ago, we saw and heard a small frog out at our little waterfalls, and we are thrilled he has moved in.  How did he find us?  I don't know - we live right smack dab in the middle of town.  The mighty Susquehanna River is just two blocks away, so maybe he got lost and found himself a new home out back.

I'm not sure what this evening will bring, but I'm thinking it just may include one of those easy popcorn and ice cream dinners.

Sometimes a low-key, simple and relaxing weekend is just what the doctor ordered.

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