Thursday, June 6, 2013

New Wheels

Yeah, I got me some new wheels.  Just planning for post-surgery mobility, I am.

Oops, wrong photo.  Actually this is the one:

My heel surgeon gave me a "prescription" for a knee scooter to use while I am NWB.  That's medical lingo I am now learning how to throw around that means Non Weight Bearing.  For about a month following surgery I am not allowed to even touch my foot down to the floor, or else very bad things will happen.  Terrible, as in more surgery.  I plan to follow the rules, believe you me.

If you are not great with crutches, or your second heel is as bad as the first one, like mine is, this little scooter is a good option:

So today I went out and found my own personal little mobility device for cruising around the house and around whatever is my little world for the next six months or so.

And, I even pimped it up.  Oh yeah, baby.

I got myself a nice large front loading trunk,

and a sheepskin knee pad cover.

Now all I need are lights and a horn.  Maybe a rear view mirror too.

In other transportation/mobility related news, I filled out paperwork, got it notarized, and sent in my doctor issued request to the DMV (Department of Motorized Vehicles, heehee) for an automobile handicap placard.  It's strange how I feel some twisted sense of glee at the prospect of being able to park right out front of a building in one of those blue spots. Weird that now I'm one of those people

Maybe tomorrow I will talk about my fun search for toilet accommodations for the one-legged.  I've got a feeling that's gonna be a whole 'nother adventure, for sure. 


  1. That basket should be traded for a solid fiberglass one and then it could be used as a port-a-potty (grin)

  2. Aww I hope it heals quickly! That is a cool little ride and lucky (or not so lucky?) you for getting to park in the good spots! :)