Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Meeting With the Surgeon: The Verdict

I have waited a long time for today to get here.  Actually for about 10 months now, maybe even more.  As of this morning, I am finally getting movement forward - a plan to heal my heels.

After trying every other conservative (non-surgical) attempt at healing in the books, the surgeon stated that it is finally clear that healing won't be happening without surgery.

I asked if tomorrow would work for him.  He said, no, but how about Monday, June 17?  Yes, of course.  I didn't even have to check my (empty) day planner to know that that day would work just fine.

Then, I did the happy dance.  Well, I did it in my mind at least, cause my feet wouldn't be able to do that right now.

After explaining what will happen to me from now until the day of surgery, during the surgery, and in the weeks and months after surgery, he shook my hand, and sent me to the pre-op checkpoints.

First the bloodsuckers got a hold of my right arm. Then I endured numerous other routine pre-surgery tests, including an EKG to graph my heart rhythm.

At that point everything came to a screeching halt, when the Physician's Assistant yelled, "What, what, what's this?"  in increasingly louder tones.

Apparently, my EKG doesn't look normal, so it's being sent to the Cardiology department for further review, and likely a stress test and other testing.  It is possible that the heart doctors may put the brakes on my surgery date, depending on what they find.

My euphoria quickly deflated, not only at the possible delay of my surgery, but also at the realization that something might be wrong with my heart.

I do understand that it's better to check these potential problems now, rather than have a deadly surprise in the operating room.  I'm trying to be OK with that.  However, it was still a lot of emotional upheaval in a short amount of time.

And so, the next few days and heart tests will tell the tale.  In the meantime, we will start preparing the house to make things possible for me to get around more easily while being non-weight bearing on my right leg.  Hopefully, all will go as scheduled and months from now I will be getting back to this,

and this,

and this:

For now, I better start reading the kazillion instructional papers I was given at the hospital.  This surgery could be mere days away, and I have plenty to do to be ready.

Thank you to all of you who have supported me with kindness, encouragement, and prayers throughout this long wait.  Your pep talks have been so helpful.  For now, though, the saga goes on.....


  1. Oh wow. Sure hope everything goes well with the heart doc. But if there is something wrong you want to know now and not in the operating room.

  2. That happened to my wife, also. She finally got a heart specialist to sign off on her.

  3. praying for you, Jill! Praying that nothing will be found wrong with your heart and surgery can proceed! blessings!

  4. Oh dear, Jill. So sad to hear about this latest setback. We know you're anxious to get things moving in the right (pain-free) direction once again. Hopefully the cardiologist finds you ready for the foot surgery. Let us know if there's anything we an do for you, Bob, Caleb &/or Sheila. Sending out good vibes from across the street. B,P,C, Mo & Noni.

  5. Prayers for you Jill. I hope they find nothing that will delay your surgery.

  6. Oh wow! What news! And what a roller coaster of a day that was for you! I'm glad the doctor finally saw the light about your situation, although it's a shame it took so long. Hopefully the issue with your heart will turn out to be nothing-- perhaps it was just fluttering with excitement! ;-)

    So are you going to have surgery on just your right heel? If so, will you eventually be having surgery on the other foot too? In any case, I hope you will be well on your way to having 'happy feet' again very soon! Best wishes to you!