Friday, June 14, 2013

Errrrrrghhh! Not again!

We have a frog out at our little backyard waterfalls.  Or at least, we used to have a frog.  Every day at certain times of the day it would start croaking, at a sound magnitude that one would expect from a small dinosaur.  But we liked it anyway.  We were happy he had moved in.  He was OUR frog.

That is, until recently when we noticed we weren't hearing his croaking any more.  We talked among ourselves, the hubby, son and I, and agreed that no, none of us had heard the frog lately.  We scratched our heads and theorized that a large bird had perhaps swooped down and "removed" him.

Today, though, I KNOW what happened:
 <------- This guy moved in.

I suspect the frog was his lunch one fateful day.  

I do not want to encourage these behaviors.  I've always taught my children to be nice to their friends, and certainly not to dine on them.


Here he is just making himself at home near our rocks and waterfalls.

Do you see him?
Here's a better look.  There he sits, acting like this is his home, not paying rent, just a darn old squatter:

I decided to call in our local Livestock Retrieval/Removal/Relocation/Repurposing Team (son Caleb), and he handily took care of business.

Do I see a flattened frog-shaped lump in that belly?

That last picture was safely taken through our back door window.  Door locked of course.  Sometimes I do not trust my son.  Notice our roofing crew seems glad it is going, too.
I know snakes are good for the environment, they keep other pests at bay, they decrease the bug population, and blah, blah, blah.  Sorry Bruce, sorry Dizzy Dick.  I. Don't.  Like.  Them.

This is my living space and they are not welcome here.  Goodbye.

I've got a feeling this adventure is not in its last chapter, though.  The neighbor two doors up told us he had three in his garden the other day. 



  1. I would be inside with the door locked also. I hate snakes.

  2. You mean that little snake ate a great big frog? Wow!!! His stomache was as big as his eyes, or so the old saying goes.

  3. I was just at an Alligator Refuge today with the grandsons and we were looking at all the snakes in the reptile house. So glad the glass was thick keeping them in. Not my favorite kind of reptile by a long shot!

  4. I'm not crazy about snakes either!

  5. Snakes are not my friends. They have been, at the very least, annoying most of my life. I grew up on a farm and they were everywhere. I know we need them, but I agree-not in my space. You likely have treated this one better than I would have:)

  6. Although I totally understand your feeling toward this snake because I feel the same about SPIDERS, he really is a beautiful snake. Is he deceased or relocated? I have my own personal critter disposal team (son Jefferson) to handle the execution of ALL spiders in my space!

    1. I suppose some people would say that a snake's "repurpose" is as garden mulch.

  7. Looks like Caleb found the situation quite humorous!

  8. Just looking at your picture gives me the willies!! I'm with you. Snakes need to go somewhere else. Good luck with your foot surgery on Monday. I sure hope its successful and you can finally be pain free again!!!