Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fashion Smashion

I'm sitting here in my favorite recliner, doing as the doc says, resting and keeping the foot elevated.

Each day I have made it a point to read through one of the numerous magazines I have stockpiled over the last several months.

So, I'm reading.  And I'm fuming.  Why?  Because I'm wondering who makes up these ridiculous rules about fashion that we are to look at and purchase.

Now I have a good variety of magazines here - ladies' journal types, home improvement, celebrity gossip, awesome recipe and entertaining guides, and more.

What I'm disgusted about at this moment are those pages in which a complete stylish ensemble is shown.  I suppose the deal is this:  buy these components and put them together like this and you will look just fabulous.

Ummmm no.  Not gonna happen with this gal.

I will give three examples here to back up my disgust, all taken today from the June 2013 issue of the Better Homes and Gardens Magazine.  And yes, this home and garden magazine does have a monthly style section.

1.  This first outfit is advertised as vibrant and appropriate to wear to a summer wedding.

      Dress:        $98
      Jacket:       199
      Belt:         6.50
      Purse:          38

      Total, not even including any of the shown jewelry accessories or shoes = $341.50

The way I figure, after I would add some shoes and jewelry, AND purchase a wedding gift, I'm nearly up to spending about $500 to look spectacular while attending a wedding.

I don't even like this outfit.  At all.

2.  Next we see an outfit that is labelled as "coastal chic."  So I suppose I should have been wearing this on our recent trip to St. Lucia.

Here are the stats:

     Dress:      $188
     Belt:       16.99

Total, again not including any of the dozen or so pieces of jewelry I see there, or shoes = $204.99.  Maybe I am unique, but I don't buy dresses in that price range.  I might consider doing so only if I was shopping for a mother-of-the-bride dress.

Besides, what is so great about that dress.  It's just a simple, color block sundress.  Kinda boring.

3.  The final ensemble I will show is one that is advertised as appropriate for a backyard garden event.  In my book that translates as "wear this to a patio picnic."

     Top:                 $42
     Pants:               109
     Purse:                77
     Sunglasses:   39.99
     Shoes:                36

Her five bracelets and a pair of earrings aren't included in this total = $303.99.

$300 dollars for an outfit to sit at a picnic table and later play yard darts?  I think not.

There is only one other observation that I have made repeatedly when reading these magazines.  Most magazines have a Letters to the Editor section where people write in and comment on something they saw in a previous issue.  I have NEVER read one of these letters in which a reader mentions heading straight out to purchase a shown outfit.  Never.

However, on occasion a reader will write asking what are these people thinking?  What normal people can afford to dress like this?  

Oh, wait.  Did I send in that letter?  


What do you think?  Am I out in left field here?


  1. Nice outfit to put on to weed the garden or scrub the floors or take out the garbage or. . . .

  2. Gee, my last dress cost $17.52 at Walmart and the shrug was $12.47. Already have shoes and jewelry so I'm good to go. I have to laugh at these articles and the ones on the TV shows that put the outfits together and talk about how affordable they are. They sure don't live in my world.

  3. I can see this enforced inactivity is getting to you...but that's okay because I am sure enjoying your sense of humor!! If shorts and a cool top are not appropriate for the picnic then I ain't going! "Garden Party" - nah, just makes me think of that old Rick Nelson song. I think we need to send you a whole stack of magazines. I never realized there was such good blog fodder there - keep it coming!!

  4. That's why I just read the cooking magazines (and Runners World, of course).

  5. I totally agree. I don't read fashion magazines anymore! I just wear what I like!

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