Tuesday, June 25, 2013

One Week Post-Op: Progress Report

Well, I'm not exactly back to this yet --->
but I'm coming along nicely, resting and allowing the heel to heal.

Since so many of my family and friends have been inquiring how I am doing since my heel surgery a week ago, I figure it's time for an up-to-the-minute report.

It has been a week of ups and downs, along with progress, frustrations, and a few blooming obsessions.

First the good stuff, THE PROGRESS:

1.  I stopped taking the narcotic painkillers four days after the surgery and have been making do using ibuprofen on a regular basis for the pain and swelling.  Without the nausea, dizziness, and general feeling of being "off," I feel much better and more able to take care of my needs.

2.  Now that the pain has somewhat settled down, I am finding these days to be mostly relaxing, just sitting with my foot elevated above my heart, reading and writing.  Doc's orders for the entire first two weeks are to do nothing other than elevate the leg and get to the bathroom as needed.

3.  I have become quite capable getting around our first floor on my knee scooter.  So much better than on crutches or a walker.  I can keep up with these guys any day, no problem:

There have been a few moments when I've wished I had a helmet and horn, and even some of those fancy schmancy handle tassels, too.  Oh, and I definitely could have used some elbow guards on a few run-ins with the refrigerator door handles.

As a result of a nearly major mishap, I also learned that it's not a good idea to load the front basket with a laptop and charger, a camera and charger, a phone and charger, a quart of water, a magazine, a Kindle, and a book.  It becomes front heavy and one could flip forward and break one's nose that way.  Just sayin.

4.  This morning I made a pot of coffee, allbymyself, poured some into a travel mug, loaded the mug into my scooter basket, and transported it and myself to my favorite recliner.  That's major, folks.

5.  I have become quite adept at tormenting our puppy with my grabber tool.  I see it laying there, and I see her laying nearby, and I just can't help myself.

And now for some of THE FRUSTRATIONS.  I'm gonna be honest here, recovering from surgery, and not being able to put any weight at all on one leg is difficult.  I didn't expect it to be easy, though, and I keep telling myself that each day is taking me hopefully in the direction of getting healthy again.

1.  I'm frustrated that I'm still tossing and turning at nighttime.  To keep the foot elevated, I have numerous pillows in my bed.  Even so, just rolling over and repositioning takes a bit of doing.  I can't seem to sleep more than one, maybe two, hours straight.  Add to that getting up once or twice a night and scootering to the bathroom, and well, it doesn't add up to much good sleep.  Yet.  

2.  Personal hygiene is tricky, balanced on one leg in front of the sink.  No shower allowed yet, either.  Ugh.  What I would give for a full, warm shower right now.  Probably my right heel, at least.  I keep telling myself that cleanliness is NOT next to godliness, but then I feel like such a sinner.  

3.  I am getting to the bottom of my magazine pile / I can't go shopping.  Nuf said.

4.  I see a humungous, growing pile of dirty laundry in our laundry room, and I can't do a darn thing about it.

Finally, I've noticed that I could be developing a few NEW OBSESSIONS:

1.  I'm very fixated on the fact that the toes peeking out of my cast are orange colored, probably from the pre-surgery disinfectant.  Again, I can't get near them with anything wet, but it's bothering me that they don't match the toes on my other foot.  Do manicurists make house calls?

2.  What's really under all those wrappings?  How large is the incision?  How do things look in there?

3.  What sort of casting/booting/wrapping will I be wearing after my appointment on Friday?  Stitches are scheduled to come out then, if all looks good.  Will I be able to become PWB (partial weight bearing) or are there more weeks ahead maneuvering on just one leg?

4.  When can I take a full shower?  (See #2 in Frustrations above)

So that's where it's all at, folks, after one week.  Thank you for your prayers and kind support.  Also, please know we have appreciated the dropped off meals, and your letters and post cards.  

One day at a time, baby steps.


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  2. Patience gal, patience. You got to be patient, it will heal in time.

  3. My surgery was a piece of cake compared to yours. Hope you come back with good news after your next visit. You are still in our prayers.

    It's about time.

  4. Well there is certainly nothing wrong with your sense of humor - guess they left the "funny bone" intact! I think not being able to shower would be about the worst thing. Funny isn't it. You think about our ancestors, even less than 100 years ago. Daily showers were not the norm - I'm glad I didn't live back then! Now quit tormenting the poor dog and try to find another magazine... (get well soon!)