Saturday, June 1, 2013

My Fascination With Treehouses

It all began way back in early 2008 when I was searching and planning for some creative way for the husband/lover/best friend and I to celebrate our 30th anniversary.  In a random late night session of internet surfing, somehow I Googled "best treehouse resorts," and there they were.

That night my obsession fascination with treehouses was born.  I had never had a treehouse as a child, and the only treehouse I had ever been up into was the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse in Disney World, so I can't say this has been a lifelong fixation.

One other time that I did some treetop sightseeing was in 2005 on a trip to New Zealand and Australia.  During that trip we walked high above the rainforest on suspended walkways.  I learned that it is truly a different world when you are up in the trees and looking down.

So, back to the anniversary trip.  I found a place in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, that had a few treehouses.  Although I cannot say that Arkansas was anywhere near the top of my travel Bucket List, (and let's be frank, Arkansas was not even on my list,) the pictures of these treehouses looked so lovely and inviting, that I began planning a road trip the very next day.

Do you know how usually the photo advertising you see for hotel rooms and other accommodations never quite matches reality?  And usually reality is not near as good as those photo-enhanced pictures?
Well, in the case of the treehouses at Treehouse Cottages, reality was even better than the photos had shown.  We were so pleasantly surprised when we arrived.

This is the treehouse we stayed in for five nights, and it was just so peaceful and private.  Nestled back in the woods just a small way outside of Eureka Springs, its location was a perfect spot from which to branch out on day trips while exploring the area.

When we first entered the cabin, there was soft music playing.  The kitchen table was fully set with beautiful pottery dishes that are made by the wife of the husband/wife team that build and operate these treehouses.  She also makes all the tiles for the kitchen backsplash and around the two person jacuzzi tub.  Each treehouse has its own color scheme, and ours was forest green.

The treehouse contained a living room with a large stone fireplace, a fully stocked kitchen, a bedroom and jacuzzi annex, and a full bathroom.  A wrap around porch allowed us to enjoy picnics up in the trees.

We thoroughly enjoyed having our own little hideaway up in the trees that week, and I've always dreamed of returning someday.  Perhaps we would stay in one of the other treehouses next time.

Last night then, you can imagine how excited I was to discover two television shows on the Animal Planet channel, "Treehouse Masters" (10 PM), and "Ultimate Treehouses" (11PM).  As the hubby lay snoring next to me on his recliner, I was riveted to these programs.  I stayed up way past my bedtime watching them build and show unique treehouses from all around the world.

In case you're interested in investigating treehouses more on your own, I have two books that I would recommend.   My favorite, New Treehouses of the World, by Pete Nelson, was given to us at Christmas of 2008 by our good neighbor friends, Bonnie and Paul, after they heard of our own excellent adventure in the trees.

The other book, Bed in a Tree, by Bettina Kowalewski, I ordered at Amazon.com.  In addition to treehouses, this book shows other unique and crazy accommodations from around the world.

I may have to do some serious travel planning today.


  1. how exciting :)....I would stay there for 5 nights no problem...

  2. There is something special about a tree house.