Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Chocolate Diet

I love chocolate, specifically dark chocolate.  Recently I've read some articles that verify my gut instinct that chocolate is good for me.  I will eat it no matter what "they" say, but it's good to know "they" are saying there is good benefit to eating some chocolate.

Specifically, people who eat chocolate a couple of times a week have a lower BMI (Body Mass Index) than those who indulge less often, according to a study done at the University of California, at San Diego.  Just what I love to hear.

Apparently some people love chocolate so much that they want to surround themselves with it, and even wear it.  A recent chocolate show at the House of Chocolate in Shanghai revealed a line of fashions made completely out of chocolate.

Dresses were completely edible:

Don't forget to accessorize with chocolate shoes.  How does that work if your feet sweat a lot?

Several outfits were made out of candy bars:

This girl is the life of the party and the food too:

Here's a girl covered in truffles and not much else:

At a recent trip to Las Vegas, Nevada, I enjoyed seeing the chocolate fountain in the candy shop at the Bellagio resort.  It was an amazing series of flowing brown goodness.

As with many things, the key to eating chocolate is to consume it in moderation.  Researchers say one ounce a couple of times a week revs up the metabolism enough to more than compensate for the calories consumed.

One ounce?   Who just eats one ounce?  Surely they are kidding...


  1. I love chocolate but only the dark stuff. I used to buy the dark chocolate bars but found that they make dark chocolate chips and they cost a lot less for a lot more. I eat them two or three times a day. Therefore, I loved your blog post today.

  2. I like milk chocolate the best. Not the best for me though!

  3. Not a big fan of milk chocolates. I love dark chocolate. So I'd prefer shoes of a darker shade :)

  4. my hubby is a chocolatholic...no ifs ands or buts..never gains a pound and eats it almost daily..since hes read that its good for him he just smiles at me...ughhh

    1. Sorry! But I cannot argue with the research! (My husband is the same way. However I just look at it and I will gain weight.)