Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Little Overkill?

I've been a little miffed lately that my local grocery store is not carrying my favorite pretzels, Tom Sturgis Pretzels, for a while.  My family manufactures these pretzels in a factory about 2 1/4 hours away from where I live, so when I get a craving, and when my pretzel cabinet is empty, I am cranky.

I grew up around pretzels, I have always loved pretzels, and I have been pretzel-less for a while now.  So, since I had a family business meeting  right at the pretzel bakery, I figured I'd visit the retail store and stock up. I brought home a full trunk load small pile, and I believe that now  I should be set for about, oh, maybe a couple of days or so..... maybe.

If I keep having the recent neighborhood front porch parties, and twilight soirees (whoa, I like that word) out on the new back patio, and if my son keeps having his pack of friends over till all hours of the night, well then, those pretzels will be gone.  Which just goes to show that they are probably truly the best pretzels in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD, like I always knew anyway.  There has never been a time that I have ever even remotely possibly maybe considered the unthinkable possibility that they weren't the best.  They.  Just.  Are.

So here's my stash.  And yeah, I threw in a few bags of popcorn.  Just because they were there.  (There are a few movies calling my name to be watched, and one needs popcorn along with the pretzels for an official watching of a movie.)

Is my haul today a little overkill?  Nah.  I'd rather think of it as an excellent opportunity to pig out collection of a variety of unique flavors and pretzel shapes.

Included are the following varieties:

     Hot Cheesers
     Cheese Gems
     Large Cheese Pretzels
     Barbeque Pretzel Bits
     Honey Mustard Pretzel Bits
     Ranch Flavored Pretzel Bits
     Jalapeno Minis
     Cinnamon and Sugar Stiks
     Honey Graham Cookie Stiks
     Chocolate Cookie Stiks
     Regular Stiks
     Little Cheesers

And what are my favorites, you may ask?  Right now I am liking the Little Cheesers and the Ranch Pretzel Bits.  Ask me again tomorrow, and it may be others.

I'm off now.  I could use a snack.  Probably pretzels.  But folks, I still didn't even mention or show you the chocolate covered pretzels, or the chocolate bark, or the caramel chocolate pretzels, or the peanut butter chocolate pretzels.........



  1. Do they make salt free pretzels for those of us with high blood pressure?

  2. They have several varieties of Low Sodium pretzels that customers with high blood pressure are able to enjoy. (No surface salt.)

  3. Thanks Jill, I will have to look for them.

  4. We toured a pretzel factory several years ago on a trip out east. I don't remember exactly where it was, but I do think it might have been Pennsylvania. I remember them telling us that there are only a few pretzel factories in the country and that lots of them are the same, just put into different packaging. You sure have lots of varieties. You're making me hungry :)