Sunday, September 2, 2012

Epic Fail at Wendy's, AGAIN

What does it take to get the sandwich I ordered at Wendy's correct?  I've been ordering the Homestyle Chicken sandwich for years now (because sometimes I live in a comfortable rut), and every time they get it wrong.  I.  Mean.  Every.  Time.

It happened again last night.  Daughter Lindsay and I went to the local Wendy's for a quick supper.  She is my witness that the Wendy's people failed to get it right.  Again.  For about like the gazillionth time.

Here's how the order went:

Girl:  Hi.  Welcome to Wendy's.  May I take your order.

Me: Yes, I'd like the #8 Homestyle Chicken Sandwich combo, sized medium, with a diet coke.  Please add everything you got onto the sandwich - I mean add cheese, add pickle, add onions, add lettuce, add tomatoes, add mayo, and add catsup.  Everything.

Girl:  You want everything on your sandwich?

Me:  Yes.  Everything.

Girl:  (She asks her coworker what key to push,  he tells her, and she pushes the key marked "Everything.")

Girl:  Would you like the combo?

Me:  Yes.  (I had already said that in my opening spiel.)

Girl:  What would you like to drink?

Me:  Diet coke.  (I had already said that too in my opening spiel.)

Girl:  What size would you like your combo?

Me:  Medium.  (Again, I had already said that in my opening spiel.)

Girl:  Will there be anything else?

Me:  No thank you.  That's all.

Did the sandwich come out correct?  Of course not, because she pressed the "everything"  key.  I don't want That everything.  I want the Other Everything, I guess.

I think I have this figured out though.  Finally.

I need to tell her to press her "Everything" key.  Then I need to say the following:

Me:  Now press "Add cheese."
         Now press "add pickles."
         Now press "add onions."
         Now press "add catsup."
         Now press "add mayo."
What I think I have finally figured out, after all these sandwich disappointments, is that the "Everything"  key really only means lettuce and tomato.  I think.

So I went back up to the counter and very kindly asked and then waited patiently until they added all the stuff I wanted in the first place.

Now, if I could only figure out how to keep my french fries warm while they fix my sandwich.

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  1. About the only things I order at fast food places is the salads at McDonald's and across the road I just love the stuffed jalapenos at Jack-in-the-Box. When we travel, we do our own cooking.