Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Creating A Monster

My son Caleb told me the other day that I was creating a monster.  This is all in regards to his Weimaraner puppy, Sheila.  I plead innocent.  All I did was go to the pet supply store and replenish my corner cabinet, which is where I store the doggy treats.

I have a routine with Sheila.  Sheila eats her dinner each night, and there is no problem with that - she eats it all, then licks the bowl, then flips the bowl and licks its underside too, and then finally licks the floor where the bowl first sat and later flipped.  After she is done eating (and of course there is an immediate unloading in the back yard), she politely comes to me, gives me "that look," and puts her paw up on my leg.

I ask her if she wants a treat, and because she understands English she answers that yes, she most certainly does.  So I go to the corner cabinet, and I find some yummy dog treat for her.  After she does the obligatory trick or two for the treat, I give her the treat, and all harmoniousness is restored in the household.  Now how is that Creating A Monster?

Specifically he made the accusation when I returned home with my recent pet store purchase:

Now let's look at this from another angle.  We have very firm rules in our household regarding dog behavior, and Sheila has been diligently trained to obey these laws.

Here are some of them:

1.  Sheila may never be up on any piece of furniture.

2.  Sheila may not pest us at the dinner table.

3.  Sheila may not go upstairs to the second floor.

In one thirty minute time frame, Caleb himself - yes, he who trained Sheila to obey the above stated rules - HELPED HER TO BREAK ALL THREE OF THOSE RULES!

First, he called her up onto his lap:

And here's another view in case you couldn't quite see THAT THERE IS A 60 POUND PUPPY UP ON A CHAIR!

Second, Caleb picked up this same puppy and stood her up on the kitchen table!  I can see the pieces of the monster coming together!

Then finally, he went upstairs to his room AND COAXED SHEILA UNTIL SHE CAME UP THE STAIRS TO HIM!

Three rules engraved in stone.  Three rules broken.

So I need to ask:



  1. It might become necessary to put a leash on Caleb to train him the rules of the house. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. I concur, Caleb is Dr. Frankenstein!

  3. I remember us doing something very similar with our beloved family dog, Ebony. It took several hours, but finally she made her way up those stairs. I still remember those little quivering morning wake-up calls from her!!

  4. Didn't you all know that "dogs rule"!!

  5. Dick right. Dogs do rule, but I am glad that Sheila obeys hers. Caleb is a bad boy for confusing her by allowing her to break them, but gosh I can see how easy that would be to do. She is adorable.

    And I am saying nothing about your pet store haul. Our pup, Spot, is in heat, therefore confined to her bed and she just looks so sad. So to compensate I put about a 1/4 cup of shredded cheese on her dog food tonight. Of course I can't forget the bag of rawhides I bought her yesterday or the little bacon treats I hid in her blankets [all day] for her to find or the 3 walks and the car ride to the park so she could run.

    No, I won't bring that stuff up - or comment on Grandma's purchase for her Grandpuppy. heehee

  6. I am guilty. I trained my own dog, Mateo. One of the supposedly strict rules is he can not be on any furniture. And then there... my husband saw a picture of him on the dinner table. And I occasionally invite him on my lap while watching TV.