Thursday, September 27, 2012

Out With the Old....

....Camper, that is.  I spent almost an entire day this past weekend unloading our camper and sorting through all of the items and reorganizing stuff to ready it for our new camper which we will bring home soon.

We travel pretty light, I thought.  That is, every time we travel we put needed food and clothing into the camper.  Upon returning home, we completely empty all food and clothing out.  So I was surprised to see how much stuff came out of the interior of the camper.  I was responsible for the "upstairs" living space; my husband took care of unloading the "cellars" and "garages."  Look how much stuff came out of the "upstairs!"

So I guess I'm feeling a little sentimental saying goodbye to this beloved camper.  After all, we spent many happy and memorable vacations in this comfortable dwelling.  Although it may look nearly new, we used it a lot and I hope its new owners will have as much enjoyment with it as we have.

Well then, let me take my last pictorial tour, room by room, as I say my goodbyes.

Goodbye to the food prep area of the kitchen.  I tried many new recipes at this spot, and made many oldies-but-goodies too.

Au revoir to the dining area.  Meals were consumed, books were read, and much good conversation happened at this table.

Auf wiedersehen to the living room. Movies, lounging, reading, and visiting all happened right here.

And food!  What's camping without the food?  Right here, folks.

So long, my beloved bathroom facilities.  Ever since we had our pop-up camper years ago, I'm always grateful to have my own private and clean bathroom.  You see, I don't ever want to have to "rough it" in the woods.  Things are rough enough in town.

And arrivederci comfy bed, where we were lulled to sleep hearing the comforting sounds of the woods.

Thanks for reading along, friends.  There's a lot of memories happening for me right here in this one blog post.  But memories are just that, and there's a whole lot of adventures out there waiting to happen, and we'll soon be making them WITH OUR NEW CAMPER!  

Stay tuned!


  1. I remember buying your last (?) pop-up, it was so PLUSH to us! Compared to our OLD pop-up-yikes! Sadly, we had to sell your nice pop-up to pay for a leaking roof....even more sad was that we left all of our camping gear in it, and were too embarrassed to ask for it back!Now we're going backward, bought a huge TENT last year, found it almost impossible to put up, oi-vey! :)

  2. It is hard to say good bye to old campers. I have said so long to to a pop-up, a travel trailer, and a class-C motor-home. They all had great memories attached to them.

  3. Dizzy-Dick, this was our third time also saying goodbye. We had a pop-up first, then our first travel trailer, then this last travel trailer with slide. Yes, lots of good family memories.

  4. Never had a camper. So your old one is treasure to me :) It's hard to say goodbye even to a thing you had good memories with. But you can make more happen with your new camper! I hope you can give us a room by room tour of it, too :)