Saturday, September 15, 2012

Postcards from Halifax, PA - La Tour de la Roadside Market Stands

I just love the colors of Fall, and since today turned out to be another absolutely beautiful and sunny pre-Fall day, the husband/lover/best friend/driver and I decided to go look at them.

We got in the truck and took an aimless leisurely meandering drive on the back roads from Halifax (Pennsylvania) to Lykens.

 In fact, one of the roads we were on was Back Road.  I kid you not.

The first thing we saw of interest on Back Road was this small group of turkeys.  Right around the bend and there they were.

Next we passed this scenic series of dams and creeks outside of Lykens.  

Throughout La Tour we made three stops at roadside market stands.  At the first place, this Walking Stick greeted us and seemed to want to crawl right up into our truck.  I am thinking that this is a protected species of insect, but I am not sure.  He wanted us to have a good up close look.

I am quite a sucker for the fall mums on display that I see at these roadside garden stands, and this one like most had plenty to offer.  If we were not camping, I would have to haul some of these along home.  Although I love mums, I did have to remind the driver that I DO NOT LIKE MARIGOLDS.  Even though yellow is my favorite color, THEY SMELL FUNNY and I do not care for them.  At all.

La Tour continued and we made our second stop of the day.  This market seemed to specialize in creative ways to paint and decorate gourds.  Some of them made me smile.  I filed away into the back of my mind some creative ideas for future use.

The third and final stop on La Tour de la Roadside Market Stands was probably my favorite of the day.  Here we found an extensive display of various types of pumpkins and they were bringing more out by the wagonful as we watched. 

Pumpkins and gourds everywhere.

I don't recall seeing green pumpkins like this before:

And this one has to be the ugliest pumpkin I've ever seen, FOR SURE:

There was even a birdhouse calling my name, asking me to add it to my collection.  I resisted.  

All in all, it was a couple of hours pleasantly spent, but alas, the campfire is waiting to be tended.  Tomorrow we return home, and THE LAW states that the truck must be completely emptied of all firewood before returning home.  (THE LAW also requires that our firewood be rationed out with planned precision, so that it is completely used up at exactly the moment of leaving the campsite.)  

Until next time friends - 
 and I still dislike marigolds.


  1. Did you ever think you might be hurting that Punpkin's feelings. When the princess kissed the frog to reveal the prince she had looked beyond his appearance and dreamed of what he could be.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. So are you saying that you disliked all the little styrofoam cups with a marigold planted in them that we gave you in elementary school? Real nice, Mom. Real nice...

  3. What is thing bout the law/and fire wood? Sounds a little oppressive to me. Why can't you put it in a nice neat pile for the next camper?