Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Bazillion Campers!

Well, not quite, but certainly hundreds.  Campers as far as the eye could see.  Yesterday, the husband/lover/best friend and I headed to Hershey, Pennsylvania to enjoy what is advertised as America's Largest RV Show.
Here's how the day went down:

1.  Go to camper show.
2.  Buy a camper.
3.  Eat lunch.
4.  Look at a some more show stuff.
5.  Return to campground.


It seemed to be a walk of about two miles from where we had to park our vehicle to the entrance gate.  The view above is what I saw while waiting in line to get into the show.  Wednesday was old coots get in cheap senior citizens day, so the regular ticket price was reduced for those aged 55+ to half of the regular $10 admission.  Looking at the sea of campers was daunting, although we had our plans written in stone.  If you are attending this display for the first time, it can be hard to decide where to start.  I believe it would be physically impossible to see inside of every camper there in one day.  Here are some more views on the way in:

We examined the provided map, located the dealer showing the camper we had selected over the last three years of looking and researching, and bolted directly to that camper.  The salespersons were all too happy to be "helpful," and a bit later we had traded away both our right arms written a check and completed the deal.  

If you ever plan to attend this extravaganza, may I suggest you bring along your own water and lunches.  As with many other large conventions, they have you over the barrel when it comes to meal time.  Although we had thought ahead enough to bring along bottles of water, my lunch price was highway robbery:  2 small spoonfuls of tuna salad on a hamburger bun with 1 pickle slice and about 7 potato chips for $7.00.

Anyway, once our deal was done, we went inside the large arena to see some of the camping-related wares the various dealers were selling and to pick up some campground booklets and brochures for some of the areas on our upcoming travel list.  This particular five day RV show also offers hourly seminars on various RV trips and RV related topics.  One could spend all of that time and still not run out of things to look at or classes to attend.

I've attended this show now for probably six or seven years, and there are always several things I see that amuse me.  This year I enjoyed seeing a larger variety of colors offered on campers:

You can even have your camper custom painted in the colors of your favorite athletic team for enough bucks.

Another feature that seems to be showing on more and more campers is the back porch option:

I personally don't really see the advantage of a back porch that is just a foot or two off the ground.  Maybe it is for the comfort of arachnophobes or something, I don't know.

Feeding my weird obsession with A-liners, I was again able to see the newest models.  I keep telling the husband/lover/best friend that if he is the first to go, then I will continue camping in a small and tidy A-liner that is simple to tow and sets up and tears down quickly.  He just chuckles and lets me look.  

There are also more and more campers appearing with the outdoor kitchens that enable the complete preparation of meals and snacks without even going inside.  

Notice also the rear potty so kids can quickly go in and do their business.
One last surprise of the day was finding this modern above-the-counter bowl sink.  I kind of like them, but the husband says they are stupid.  Men.

So by now you are probably wondering about the camper we did purchase, right?  That'll be for another post, when we pick it up.  We are waiting on the larger truck we ordered to come in, and then we will go and pick up our new camper.  Hopefully this will all happen with some time left in the season to do some more camping.  

Please stay tuned!  


  1. Congratulations on purchasing a new camper. Can't wait to see the pictures of it and the new truck.

  2. It sounds like you had a good time even though you lost all that weight from your pockets. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. You bought a camper! Cool :) Can't wait to see it.