Monday, September 24, 2012


Because of some broken bones, surgery, and other ailments, I've been sidelined from the sport I love so much - Judo.  For those of you that are unfamiliar with this sport, the object of Judo is to throw or take down your opponent to the ground, immobilize or subdue your opponent with a grappling technique, or force submission by using a joint lock, a strangle hold, or a choke.

Prior to my troubles I had tested my way over a period of about 4 years up through the belt rankings, starting as a beginner at white belt, then achieving yellow, orange, green, and finally 3rd degree brown.  I will admit that I had a far-fetched dream of someday achieving a black belt, but with each day that passes I wonder if there is any chance that it could really happen.  And, at my age and having gotten a later start into the sport, it would be quite a feat.  But hey, I have the rest of my life and one day at a time to work on it, right?

So today I was missing it.  I mean, really missing it.  I was thinking of the grueling workouts, the precision drills, throwing and being thrown over and over, and participating in randori (unofficial matches) at the end of the night, when we were already exhausted.  I was recalling the feelings of insecurity at being the only female judoka in our dojo, and learning that it was good when the guys wouldn't give me any slack.  When I would attend seminars and conventions, sparring with other females seemed almost too easy.  And finally, I was remembering the feeling of being in the best shape of my life and experiencing the thrill of knowing I was able to toss large guys and defend myself.

So here are some shots of what I have been missing:

I was the adult helping Sensei with this youth Judo class.
Some of my Judo buddies 
A mat drill
I don't have very many pictures of myself in action, because there's not usually a photographer around.  But here are a few I can share:

Here I'm a yellow belt,  starting to learn to throw.
At Rutgers University, participating in a weekend convention
A foot sweep take down
However, in spite of the great enjoyment and camaraderie that I experienced in the dojo, there are a few things that I DON'T miss:

I don't miss the aches and pains, the bruises, the pulled muscles, and the dislocated toes.  I consumed a lot of extra strength Tylenol and Advil.

However, if I were able to get myself well again and back in shape, would I go back to Judo?

Yes, in a heartbeat! 


  1. Well I'm hoping you will be well enough to return to the sport!! Great pictures

  2. I know the feeling of keeping oneself fit how it makes you feel so much better. I finaly got my first light workout in this morning sincethe beginning of the year. After a while you start feeling like a rolly-polly just from the body muscles relaxing. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. It sounds like you are gung ho (or should I say Kung Fu) over your favorite sport.

  4. I learned Taekwondo way back. I stopped though, when I got busy with college. Martial arts is a fun sport. It also teaches a lot of discipline. Congratulations to you for achieving a brown belt! The last photo made me smile... I used Salonpas, warm compress, and some braces and support, too :)