Friday, August 17, 2012


....is being made!  About a month ago I blogged about my friend Albert Einstein and some things he had to say about messy desks.  If you missed it you can read about it here.  Since writing that post, I have made PROGRESS on cleaning up my desk and am moving ahead on our office renovation project.

In order to convince you I will show you the before and after.

My desk area before this project started:

After hours and hours of sorting and organizing and tossing, here is my desk area today (not finished but definitely coming along):

Hopefully you will admit it is a sight better than it was.  But here's the strategy folks - the troops (that would be moi) are planning to storm and commandere the husband/lover/best friend's desk and make it my own.  Yup.  Just a complete take-over.  Um, which will require cleaning up HIS desk also.  I won't even show you that one yet.  All you see in the above picture will be gone.  In that space will be a comfortable reading chair and a lamp, which has been ordered as of two days ago.  

So YES, there has been some good progress.  Progress is satisfying.

And - there is another project simultaneously going on in our backyard.  We are having a patio installed along with some lovely landscaping.   Having a nice outdoor entertainment area for friends and family to join us for visiting and meals has been on our wish list for a long time.  We are finally on our way.

Take a look at the progress out back:

View looking out our back door

Project start - looking toward the back of the house

And now - here is the patio and yard as of the end of today.  Not finished, but certainly coming along nicely.

View out the back door

  Stay tuned.  I'll update as the office project and the backyard endeavor progress.  


  1. wow! I love your patio!!! Great job!

  2. Jill, that looks beautiful.

  3. Very nice!!! It is beautiful, but I don't think I like the clean desk. I think I have a desk under a big pile but not sure, haven't seen it for a few years.